New York gets back leading hypnotherapy partner in Parts Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy assures highly effective hypnotherapy sessions in New York by leading board-certified hypnotherapist Lina Shlonsky.

Brooklyn, NY – November 22, 2019 – Leading hypnotherapist Lina Shlonsky has recently shifted her hypnotherapy clinic to New York from North Carolina this month. Titled “Parts Hypnotherapy”, the clinic commands a success rate of 98% since 2009. The clinic is open for both in-person and Skype sessions.

Lina Shlonsky is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist backed by the extensive experience of helping over 500 clients with variable ailments with an amazing success rate. Her first professional clinic was opened in North York only under the name of “Hypnotherapy and Meditation” and it operated from 2009-2014. After 2014, Shlonsky moved to North Carolina where she operated from 2014-2019. But, she is back to New York again this year, the very place where it all started, under the banner of “Parts Hypnotherapy”.

Parts Hypnotherapy caters to all people struggling with different ailments like anxieties, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, Memory loss as well as stress, low self-esteem, life crisis, fears, phobias and so on.

“Parts Hypnotherapy inspires you to live that life of dreams and with great passion. Whether you are struggling with harmful habits that you can’t quit, or there is something that’s holding you back from achieving your goals or you are down with self-imposed limits that need immediate change- we have your back. Our hypnotherapy sessions are designed with care to get rid of unwanted beliefs and behaviors and replace them with positive ones so that you can attain your desired outcome in life”, stated Lina Shlonsky.

As per the leading hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy is a practical, safe and highly effective suggestive therapy that channelizes the subconscious mind when the conscious mind is bogged down by self-limiting preconceived notions and judgments. Although often confused with Hypnosis, yet Hypnotherapy is much more than that. A Hypnotist can only offer suggestions to correct your bad habits or enhance self-esteem. But, a Hypnotherapist actually gets down in the field and leads one to a deeper understanding of his main problem which makes it far easier to achieve the desired positive results naturally.

Added to Hypnotherapy, Parts Hypnotherapy also provides other related services like – development of self-esteem, stress management, smoking cessation, memory retrieval, past life regression, weight lossand so on. 

“What separates us here is that we help you to delve into the ‘root’ cause of your problem which is limiting you to lead a functional, positive and successful life. We will enable you to understand how these self-limiting notions got imbibed in you so that you can discover the real truth behind these problems. Once you get a clear picture of the issues in your life, we will guide you to explore your inner resources to initiate the much-needed change in your life in a safe and secure manner. Put simply, our proven hypnotherapy sessions will enable you to attain your goals, take charge of your happiness and discover a ‘new’ you.”

Every session will be individualized as per the specific needs of each client. 

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