Former England captain Michael Owen endorses Chinese game “Tan Wan Lan Yue”

A photo of former England football captain Michael James Owen posing with a machete has swept the Internet in China. Chinese online game players have exclaimed: “Any star can not resist the temptation of dragon knife, including the former wind chase youth – former England captain Michael Owen. 

What’s going on here?

It turned out that this group of photos from Tan Wan Lan Yue online game endorsement shot scene. Owen’s machete is the game’s most famous weapon: the dragon knife. According to the official materials, the game, which hit the store in 2016, has invited more than 10 top Chinese stars to be its spokesperson in the past three years, including famous movie star Louis Koo, Aaron Kwok and International Kung Fu superstar Donnie Yen. 

Why does Tan Wan Lan Yue have such great ability to invite a large number of heavyweight stars to join?

According to the official introduction of Tan Wan Lan Yue, this game is not innovative, but in the retro. It is a game specially made for men aged 30 to 50. In games, any player can trace the sheer joy of playing a game as a young person, which is why games are so popular. And that’s why Owen is willing to accept this endorsement. Memory of the wind and memory of the game. Owen admits that this is the best flavor of the past.  

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