Mikes Mix and Master Going to Change the Lives of Upcoming Musicians This Black Friday

Mikes Mix and Master Going to Change the Lives of Upcoming Musicians This Black Friday
Renowned online sound mixing company Mikes Mix and Master will be offering a 60% discount on all of their services this Black Friday on November 29.

New York, NY – November 25, 2019 – The first Online Mixing and Mastering company in the world, Mikes Mixing and Mastering, is offering a massive discount on every service of theirs to the musicians of the world. Anyone would be able to get a discount of 60% on all of their services, and they will also be able to get the signature voice chain collection curated by the founder.

Mikes Mix and Master will be providing the said special offers for one day only. Musicians will be able to get discounts on Black Friday that is November 29, 2019. They will be able to order their services online through their official website.

The founder and owner of the Audio Mixing and Mastering company Michael Cushion Jr said in the latest press release, “We are quite happy to announce our biggest sale of the year. If you want to access all our services at a flat discount of 60%, then you should save the auspicious date of November 29 to enhance your musical character. I was a musician truly believe; no musician should be held back due to a shortage of money. That is why we hold a huge sale during Black Friday every year to bring studio-quality recording to our customers at an unbelievable price.”

He also added, “In addition to the Black Friday Mixing and Mastering, we will also be offering a free vocal chain collection that will allow you to access my signature setup without any third-party plugins. With features like De-Esseing, EQ, Pitch correction, Compression, and Noise Gating, your vocal track will be studio quality within no time.”

The company has been a pioneer in offering Mixing and Mastering services to upcoming and veteran musicians. They were the ones who started the revolution of online audio mixing by the founder himself, who is a reputed Mastering engineer. Not only they held the number one position in their field, but they were one of the first companies that were certified in Apple Digital Masters. From their commencement, they have been working with MTV, Reverbnation, Apple, Def Jam, Entertainment One, and many more.

About Mikes Mix and Master:

The company has been in existence since 2010, and for nine straight years, they have been the number one Mixing and Mastering company. They have supported upcoming musicians who faced difficulty in getting a recording at any studio due to financial shortcomings. Mike’s mixing and mastering company were founded by Michael Cushion Jr who first thought about an online mix and master company that would do improve the quality of anyone’s music online. Michael, himself being a struggling musician for fifteen years, knows the difficulty quite well. That is why the company offers a huge sale on Black Friday every year to help out young and upcoming musicians.

For more information on the Black Friday sale of the company, visit https://www.mikesmixmaster.com/black-friday

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