McGehee – Chang, Landgraf, Help Children Find the Path to Recovery and Bring Perpetrators to Account

Every minute of every day, a child is injured through the negligence, carelessness, or intentional acts of others. Sadly, the harm that children can experience comes in many forms; however, Trial Lawyers, McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf, have vowed to help children recover from both the physical and emotional damage they have suffered. They are committed to ensuring that the harming party is brought to account for their dangerous and irresponsible behavior. 

McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf, is one of the predominant law firms in the Houston, TX area to represent injured children. They know it is essential for parents and carers to be able to place their trust in legal professionals who can guide them through the complex legal landscape.

They also believe it to be essential to raise awareness that children are much more likely than adults to be injured when taking part in some activities. For example, almost 1 out of 3 All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) related deaths is a child under 16 years of age. And then there are over 50,000 children under 16 treated every year in an emergency room for ATV-related injuries. With a lack of mandated safety training, increased use, and the development of more powerful vehicles, the number of children involved in ATV accidents continues to rise. McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf believe that both manufacturers and retailers must be held responsible for their decision to place profit over children’s safety.

Likewise, the danger that swimming pools pose to children is well known. Unfortunately, that knowledge is frequently disregarded. The failure to effectively fence pool areas or provide adequate supervision results in a staggering number of drownings and catastrophic non-fatal submersion injuries to children. Drowning is one of the leading causes of unintentional injury-related death for children aged 1 to 14. McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf, work hard to bring justice for the injured child and prevent the same type of unsafe behavior that caused the accident from ever happening again.

Before children even reach the age of 18, 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are sexually abused. Around 60% of the perpetrators of sexual abuse are known to the child but are not family members. These include babysitters, religious leaders, and teachers, all adults who are in positions of high trust. And the abuse does not only come from adults; it is estimated that 23% of all reported cases of child sexual abuse are committed by other minors. Working with licensed psychologists and counselors McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf, are committed to helping the child onto a path towards recovery.

Summer camps, daycare centers, after-school programs, and even weekend retreats offer children the opportunity to learn new skills and develop lifetime friends. Sadly, these environments can also pose a very genuine danger to children. Whether it’s through unsafe play areas, lack of supervision, or physical or sexual assaults, there can be a failure to keep your child safe. 

McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf provides a free evaluation of each case and work with their clients to bring those responsible to justice. They file lawsuits against those responsible and aggressively fight for the injured child and their family. If your child has been injured, talk to one of the attorneys at McGehee ☆ Chang, Landgraf, to understand your options.

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