The Upcoming Firmware to BOOX Devices

Lately, Onyx has launched out two new eReaders — BOOX Max3 and BOOX Note2. They have consistently proved to be excellent devices for their price. A great number of users think large size eReaders are worth the price since they offer a fantastic experience when to read research papers on a large E Ink display. Besides the superb build quality, another point is the after-sale service. Onyx provides firmware update every few months to its devices.

The Upcoming Firmware to BOOX Devices

In November, Onyx raised a closed beta testing for the upcoming firmware update 2.1.1, which will allow the last-generation products to have the same software features as BOOX Max3 and Note2. Potentially, you have the chance to design brand new firmware features in this campaign. Onyx will capture great ideas from users’ feedback and make it come true. All you have to do to get started is come up with an idea, then join the closed beta testing group. In addition, bug feedback is also necessary. To release early versions before its full release gives the opportunity to fix any technical or user experience issues with minimal user impact.

After this firmware update, another bigger update is coming soon. Most of the models will come to the next firmware 2.2.2. It’s said that there are some new features we’ll see. Let’s check it out here.

(1) Full-page Translation

In the previous version, Onyx used to provide dictionaries that users could look up while reading books in second languages. However, to only claim a single word’s meaning does not help too much. The word even seems strange out of context. This sometimes happens. In order to help users read fluently, the full-page translation comes to us.

This feature is easy-to-use. Turn the display to the landscape mode, enter the split view. Instantly understand foreign language text by simply clicking a button. Then the system will automatically translate the whole page you’re reading within a few seconds. The original text is shown on a side whereas the translated text on another side. Now it supports 16 languages and more languages will be added to it. It automatically translates text in context, offering so much more than a word-to-word translator.

(2) Directly scribble on various formats

Speaking to the note-taking, it’s believed that considerable users do so while reading. Taking notes may slow down your reading but it’s worth it. It helps you read actively and stay focused when you write down what you think and how you feel. In the previous version, users are merely allowed to directly scribble on PDFs, but now, other formats such as DJVU, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC, CBZ, CBR, FB2, CHM are supported. Almost all formats are included. Some of these formats flow documents, which means the contents are reflowable. The notes on these formats will scale proportionally at a certain position after reflow. CBR and CBZ are manga files but they are also support handwriting. Users could have an immersive experience in taking notes on any e-books.

(3) Zoom in the Note app

Currently in the note app, every stoke users write is a vector graphic. If you have ever  zoomed in very close on or blown up an image too large, you may have noticed that the image becomes blurry. But vector graphic is different. No matter how large or small or how close you zoom in on the image, the lines, curves, and points remain smooth. In the upcoming firmware update, users are allowed to zoom in or out in the note app. On the occasion, you can see how a vector graphic works on the E Ink display. Basically, this feature provides advantages to users like artists who need to resize and sketch frequently. Hopefully, in the near future, BOOX devices will have the ability to export the notes to vector files commonly used for creating logos, illustrations, and print layouts.

(4) Other features

Many other great functions are in progress. Onyx is still capturing new feature suggestions from users. We’ll see all the changes in the last minutes.

Notably, all these new features come from the suggestions mentioned by users before. Onyx desires to work with the community who use their devices every single day. Feedback helps to listen to users, focus product development efforts on features that matter, and innovate efficiently. This is one of the core reasons why it has been garnering a large and dedicated fan base.

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