EMU: Create a New Future for 5G Public-Chain

Time after time, we have seen emerging technologies bring great change and innovation. Two of the emergent technologies of the current era – blockchain and 5G – are poised to rely heavily on each other in terms of the change they are likely to bring. 5G’s “high speed” will effectively compensate for the shortcomings of the blockchain in the data transmission field, and the “security” of the blockchain will completely change the future commercial process of 5G technology.

Barriers are broken down. How to change the old business model and promote the development of 5G has become a problem that people must face. How to solve these problems? EMU proposes a fresh business solution from a new perspective, namely to build a new value ecosystem network system that is jointly constructed by public-chain and 5G applications.

EMU is a comprehensive digital ecosystem based on “blockchain+5G”. It is building a multi-domain digital public-chain including digital assets, digital transactions, 5G, AI and the IoT. Through professional technical team, CCT takes the security, efficiency, capacity and throughput of the public-chain as the entry point. Combined with the technical concept of “blockchain+5G”, CCT effectively improved the development efficiency of digital intelligent commerce and made the blockchain ecology prosperous.

Based on blockchain technology, EMU will achieve three future goals: providing 5G infrastructure for various value transfer applications, providing a low-level development platform for various DApp developments, and providing a technology path for building a global 5G public-chain network.

Since blockchain technologies employ a distributed ledger to offer secure services without a third party, blockchain has the high potential to offer an underlying secure and transparent networking foundation for EMU. EMU will provide the people with a safe, convenient, efficient and stable public-chain ecology to create a new digital ecosystem. EMU will achieve the perfect connection between digital currency and the physical world, truly activating the user’s digital assets.

Hence, the integration of blockchain and 5G will become an irreversible technological innovation trend in the new era.

A benign ecosystem, a global value public-chain; in short, EMU is a 5G ecological expansion platform based on blockchain technology, and is a technology promoter with the concept of “blockchain+5G”. In the EMU ecosystem, the blockchain will become the basic framework for business development, and 5G will become the transmission network for its operation. The network is at the heart of accelerating digital transformation, and EMU’s full-featured 5G network will bring unprecedented productivity gains.

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