FESCO Adecco-2019 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon Kicked Off Intensely,Peak Confrontation Created a New Record of Vertical Marathon

On Nov. 24th, the world’s highest vertical marathon of this year – FESCO Adecco·2019 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon kicked off intensely in Shanghai Tower, the tallest building of China. Le Jingyi, the famous Olympic champion, led the race with the  Fabulous Swimming Team. More than 2000 athletes, including top elite athletes both at home and abroad, measured the top of Shanghai with their footsteps. Lasting for 11 hours and 30 minutes, the whole event was held in three groups, which created two records of the size and duration of the single event for the international vertical marathon.

The vertical marathon is an international popular sport. During recent years, the number of domestic vertical marathon enthusiasts have been gradually increasing. The Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon has been held for 3 consecutive years. As the “2019 World’s Tallest Vertical Marathon Course” recognized by Ti Ke, it has obtained the highest record in the history of TWA and been approved as the tallest building for holding the event by TWA. With a total height of 632 meters, Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China and the second tallest building in the world. At the end of November each year, thousands of vertical marathon enthusiasts challenge their limits right here and enjoy the 360 degree summit beauty of Shanghai. With a vertical height of 552 m and 3398 steps in all, the finishing line of this competition was set on the 119th floor of the Shanghai Tower. With more than 2,000 applicants, it is the largest competition ever.

Directed by Shanghai Sports Federation, sponsored by Shanghai Tower and supported by Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Development Bureau, exclusively sponsored by FESCO Adecco, FESCO Adecco·2019 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon has got many cooperative brands, including Bocom CMG life insurance, Mars Arrow Candy, UP Clinic, First Respond, United Foundation, NIKE and many other well-known brands. The event has also been certified by the Shanghai Sports Bureau as a major international and domestic sports event in 2019. Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, the current Vice President of the International Olympic Committee, has been re-elected as the promotion ambassador for this year’s event. TWA, Tower-running World Association, has certified this year’s event as the top “Tower Running240” level, which undoubtedly makes this year’s event become more attractive.


While satisfying professional runners, FESCO Adecco·2019 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon provided a moderately intense and interesting experience for many amateurs longing for participating in vertical marathons. On the basis of full course for individuals, it increased the team relay and individual climbing experience for the first time. Participants in the team relay completed the challenge of climbing 119 floors in the form of a 5th relay, while participants in the individual climbing activity experienced the pleasure of the vertical marathon by independently completing the 22-floor challenge.


Eventually, the athlete Mark Bourne from Australia spent 17 minutes and 33 seconds on reaching the peak and won the men’s group championship bravely. As the champion of the women’s group, Valentina Belotti spent 20 minutes and 50 seconds on reaching the peak. Domestic athletes also obtained great scores. Zeng Wenbo and Jian Muhua ranked first among men and women in China, with a score of 18 minutes and 15 seconds, 21 minutes and 23 seconds respectively.


Indeed, the excellent results were amazing, and the love of the athletes on the day of the competition was also impressive. This year, the Organizing Committee and United Foundation made joint efforts again to especially launch the public fund-raising channel “Piggy Bank of Love” for participants. Through QR code and link, it could be shared to WeChat, Weibo and other self-media platforms for fund-raising. All the donations raised in this vertical marathon will be used to support children-related U-building block cottage. Every athlete participating in the fund-raising received a personal customized public service certificate. In the meanwhile of sweating, they raised money for the children struggling in this city, so that they could have a “home.”

With the successful conclusion of FESCO Adecco·2019 Shanghai Tower International Vertical Marathon and successful hosting of three consecutive International Vertical Marathons, it has enhanced confidence for Shanghai Tower International Sports Events. Adhering to the concept of building a green, intelligent and humanistic vertical city, Shanghai Tower will continue to focus on building urban IP events and more international activities in the future. Make progress every day. Sport is endless. It is expected that International Vertical Marathon Series will attract more and more sports-loving climbers.

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