Enterprise Blockchain Company TED Is An Ncubator That Shines

In today’s world, science and technology are developing at a rapid pace, people are faced with opportunities and challenges again and again, and the field of science and technology is constantly advancing and breaking through. Today, the blockchain empowers traditional enterprises and becomes the foothold of the blockchain technology revolution. TED, as the leader of the enterprise blockchain+, will transform the blockchain for the traditional enterprises at all levels of production and operation. TED will provide four services including entrepreneurship support, corporate counseling, investment financing and business network. The one-stop service system of assessment, financing and resource matching will create a 7X24-hour global incubation for high-tech project developers, investors and service providers.

Let’s take a look at it in detail. TED (referred to as Technology Entertainment Design’s acronym in English, technology, entertainment, design) is a private non-profit organization in the United States. The organization is known for its TED conference. The purpose of this conference is to “spread all the ideas that are worth spreading.” Every March, TED Conference gathers many outstanding figures in science, design, literature, music and other fields in North America to share their thoughts and explorations on technology, society and people. TED FOUNDATION, established in 2006, is committed to the incubation and promotion of high-tech projects, relying on the geographical advantages of the United States and the status of a global financial center.

TED (High Tech Chain) is a global high-tech incubator platform based on blockchain technology and an “innovation workshop” in high-tech fields. The aim is to create a high-tech incubator-based public chain based on smart contract technology development. All innovative technology products, technological inventions, scientific and technological works, etc. can register and confirm patents in the chain, and then sell tokens based on the underlying smart contracts. The holding of tokens will enjoy the future dividends and related rights of this patent.


TED’s blockchain ecosystem subverts the incubation of high-tech data. The High-Tech Chain Research team is an elite technology dedicated to the research of blockchain, machine learning, deep learning, big data and many other industries and emerging technologies. team. In the future, TED will focus on the research of blockchain network, decentralized application (DApp) and distributed node consensus algorithm. We hope to find a match with the company’s existing Internet information technology and products and build users. Value new ecology.

TED has four fields in ecological application: 1. Space technology: TED aerospace information blockchain incubation system, integrating existing industries, providing services including asset management, data transfer, trust access and intelligent supervision; Research: The new function of “Human Brain Research Application Incubation” has become a comprehensive institution for the research and development and application popularization of cognitive super brain science, in which the research incubator constitutes the main path of scientific and technological achievements to application incubation; In terms of intelligence: TED provides enterprises with accurate and vertical all-round incubator services, providing high-quality innovative resources for the development of new artificial intelligence, and creating a global artificial intelligence innovation ecosystem. 4. New energy: using a strong research team and rich practical experience to create a management model High-tech enterprises with advanced and well-functioning functions carry out venture capital investment, assist them to realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements industry, and then package and market, and promote the rapid development of high-tech industries. 


The rapid development of high technology will have an important impact on human social life. The impact of high technology on human social life is mainly reflected in high-tech products and services. In fact, the modern society, the clothing, food, shelter, travel, communication and even leisure, can not leave high technology for a moment. Taking genetic technology in biotechnology as an example, it has a great impact on human survival and health. The “gene revolution” of planting and aquaculture in the 21st century will lead to the “second green revolution” that solves the world food problem; the “gene revolution” of medicine and pharmacy in the 21st century will greatly improve human health and longevity because All human diseases can be classified into monogenic diseases, polygenic diseases and acquired genetic diseases. The rapid development of high technology will have a profound impact on human social management. The goal of the High Tech Chain (TED) is to make high technology truly serve humanity.

Finally, as a high-tech industry veteran, we see that the market needs a transparent ecosystem in order to allow people to collect and safely, reciprocally and reciprocally develop all high-tech data. We firmly believe that with blockchain technology, TED’s ecosystem will meet the needs of global R&D teams, developers and manufacturers, create a better high-tech experience, and bring additional revenue to all parties involved in high-tech technology services. opportunity.

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