New Kickstarter Campaign Introduces Exciting Cross-Platform Astropolitical MMO

Nebulae is an upcoming cross-platform massively multiplayer virtual strategy game where players have to protect their nations from a rapidly expanding nebula in their galaxy.

Northern Lights Entertainment, a Paris-based indie gaming company, has recently launched a new Cross-platform Astropolitics MMO strategy game on Kickstarter that assures series of thrilling actions and cool adventure. Titled “Nebulae,” the game will be available for free in both mobile and PC.

Nebulae is a massively multiplayer virtual strategy game where players collectively play to control nations existing in a galaxy. The galaxy is threatened by a fast-expanding nebula- which forms the main backdrop of the game. Players would have to combine economics, governance, diplomacy as well as 3D combat to reinforce the dominance of their nations so that they can withstand the fatal expansion of the nebula. 

We are excited to bring you our dream game project. Nebulae is a state-of-the-art online massive multiplayer strategy game that promises long hours of fun and adventure with your gaming buddies. Our game revolves around a beautiful galaxy that houses many intelligent species, life forms, and 7 spacefaring nations, 3 of which will be playable at launch.  Unfortunately, that galaxy is threatened by a rapidly expanding nebula, which will fast force out the whole star system from the galaxy, resulting in billions of refugees and border clashes. As players, you are the heads of your nations and its you who will have to dominate these evil forces and protect the galaxy”, stated the founders of Northern Lights Entertainment. 

The game is scheduled to have its official launch in 2020. It will be initially launched on mobile and then on PC on a complementary, cross-platform basis. 

Upon launch, each nation in the galaxy will have its distinct political structure. In the long-term, all powers might be destroyed, conjoined, or completely replaced with new nations that would be created by the players only. 

Gamers, irrespective of device, would play in the same world and enjoy complimentary functionalities in between platforms. The politics and the management part would be the same as well, whether you play from a mobile or PC. However, there would be a slight change in terms of combat. PC players will get to participate in larger-scale combats while mobile players would deal with shorter skirmishes. 

Nebulae is something like a huge all you can eatbuffet spread for political experimentation in the backdrop of an MMO. As avid gamers, we do understand what other gamers love the most, and you will get all those ingredients in our game that will keep you hooked onto it for hours. Moreover, as our game will be available on mobile, you can play it on-the-move as well. However, such a high-end game demands state-of-the-art infrastructure and programming, and thus this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring our game to life and assure a truly exciting gaming experience for you.”

Backers will be rewarded with access to the early Beta, or even playtests, Nebulae wallpapers, the ability to reserve their character, a community kit, a character Chroma pack, and many other game goodies on handy discounts.

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