Richmond Hill, Georgia Real Estate Agents Assist in the Home Buying Process

Richmond Hill, Georgia Real Estate Agents Assist in the Home Buying Process

Buying a home is exciting but can also be overwhelming for someone who has never gone through searching for a home, securing financing and closing on a home of their own. Fortunately, there are professionals whose job is to walk buyers through the process and staying by their side until they have the keys to their property. These people are real estate agents.

Searching for a Home

There are many different styles of homes and each buyer has their own unique preferences. A real estate agent can search databases to find homes that a buyer will want to see based on their preferences. This can dramatically reduce the time it would take a person to find a suitable home on their own. Homes are bought and sold every day and many of them are never announced publicly. Without a yard sign, a buyer without an agent from Landmark 24 Realty, Inc. may never know their dream home is available.

Easy Access to Neighborhood Data

Moving to a new neighborhood means learning about schools, transportation, and shopping. This is a time-consuming process for buyers without agents. However, those who work with agents familiar with the neighborhood will have easy access to this data and more info right from the agent. They’ll find out about the tax rate, water charges, and crime in the area.

Negotiating a Price

Real estate agents work with buyers and sellers and their negotiations determine the prices of homes in Richmond Hill. Sellers contract with an agent to sell their home for the highest price. When a buyer has their own agent, they have an advocate to ensure the selling price is fair. A buyer on their own won’t have access to critical information to help them make an offer. They will be at a disadvantage every time they go up against a buyer with an agent. Instead of having offer after offer rejected, buyers could ensure their bid is reasonable and likely to be accepted if they get their advice from an experienced real estate agent. Buyers can connect with an experienced agent at

Real estate agents are typically not involved in the closing but they provide useful information and can answer most buyer questions as they get closer to that day. The closing is the end of the buying process. When it’s over, the seller gives the keys to the buyer and all of the ownership documents are changed to the buyer’s name. The mortgage loan takes effect that day as well. New owners leave the closing with a lot of documents but they should already have most of the information they need before they walk in the door.

Landmark 24 Homes has built over 250 new homes per year and has won many awards, including the Georgia Power Builder of the Year award for energy-efficiency. Whether a buyer is looking for a townhouse, single-family starter hom,e or something larger, Landmark 24 Homes has something they will love.

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