Explains What Is Heat Shrink Wrap and How It Is Used Explains What Is Heat Shrink Wrap and How It Is Used

Cargo needs to be protected while in transit to ensure items arrive at their final destination in the same shape they were in at their origin of departure. Fortunately, companies have numerous options when it comes to achieving this goal. However, many businesses opt to make use of one particular item as it offers the protection and options needed to ship any type of cargo. This item is heat shrink wrap.

A Shrink Wrap Offers the Necessary Level of Protection

Companies find they can choose the appropriate level of thickness when it comes to the shrink wrap based on the items to be transported. When delicate cargo needs to be shipped, however, industry insiders recommend a minimum of 9 mil wrap or greater. The thickness of the material determines its susceptibility to tears and holes when exposed to the elements. To ensure the items remain secure, consider the shrinking ability of the wrap, the quality, and the high bonding characteristics. In addition, be sure to ask what accessories are included to provide the proper level of conformity. Finally, only choose those materials which have been tested and adhere to current industrial and construction standards. Pro-Tect Plastics can be of assistance when a buyer is not sure which material to buy or which size.

Sizes and Shapes That May Be Wrapped

When it comes to cargo, a business might find the items come in many different shapes and sizes. For instance, a helicopter manufacturer would likely need a different type of shrink wrap than someone who is shipping standard square or rectangular cartons. However, there is a shrink wrap suitable for any application, which is one of the many reasons companies turn to this option first. The perfect size can be obtained every time, which is one reason the Global Shrink Wrap Machine Market Regional Landscape continues to improve.

Withstands the Elements

Inclement weather may occur at any time. Thankfully, heat shrink wrap is not affected when this is the case. Cargo transport companies recognize all types of weather may occur when goods are being transported and opt for this packaging option. In fact, the shrink wrap is so effective boat owners often choose to protect and store their boats using this material. Small holes in the wrap can easily be patched with tape if they occur. Larger holes aren’t an issue either, as excess material can be used to cover the hole before being heated to make a secure bond. If you wish to know more, click here for info on this process. 

Easy to Use

According to, one reason so many rely on this material when packaging cargo for transport is the wrap is easy to use. The only items needed are the wrap, a heat gun, and gloves. Once they have been gathered, any item can easily be secured for transport. However, it is best to start with small items to get a better understanding of how to carry out the process. 

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