The Poppodom Cafe Family’s Artistically Served & Culinary Creations by Colleen Lue are now creating a buzz around ‘town’.

The Poppodom Café Family’s Artistically Served & Culinary Creations is a truly unique and wonderful book that can help you learn several ultimate cooking ideas to impress your guests, family or friends. You can get immediate access to this book via the Amazon Kindle platform.

It is a blog for all creative and inspiring artistes who enjoy an inspirational moment with a virtual cup of coffee and cream cake.

This book has captured the attention of all food lovers in 2019, and the cooking practitioners are excited to learn new tips to improve their skills. The main goal of this book is to bring people together to enjoy some creative cookery sessions with outdoor eating and fun.

The Poppodom Café Family’s Artistically Served & Culinary Creations book is written with a different viewpoint to promote social gathering. There are lots of seasonal recipes that people can enjoy outdoors with a cold beer and a refreshing glass of wine.

The best part of these impressive culinary creations and artistically served recipes is that they are easier to prepare. The book includes simple to follow step by step instructions to ease your cooking efforts.

Colleen Lue, author of this book, in a recent interview said that this book is basically a reflection of her personal journey right from childhood. She has gone through several poetry, photography and culinary discoveries throughout her lifetime. Those experiences combined, motivated her to create a plethora of mouth-wateringly sumptuous recipes for the four seasons that people can enjoy outdoors while having fun with friends and family.

The book has received several positive reviews from readers, and has achieved the tag of the most inspirational cookery book of the year 2019.

About the author:

The Poppodom Café Family’s Artistically Served & Culinary Creations book is written by Colleen Lue and illustrated by Huntly the Artist (a contributor only). Colleen spent a few years in Paris where she discovered the true flavours of haute cuisine and accumulated more recipes to include Mediterrean flavours while enjoying poetry and photography since childhood. Right from her teenage years, she started learning different culinary practices from friends and family. In this book, Colleen and the Poppodom Café Family have delivered unique content for the readers that are loaded with warmth, useful info and literary verses.

We asked Colleen Lue a few questions to get a better insight into her new book:

Q. What inspired you to write “The Poppodom Café Family’s Artistically Served & Culinary Creations” book?

A. The idea of writing this book came when I went for a coffee with a childhood friend and an artist friend about two Christmases’ ago. Huntly the Artist and I were reminiscing about Boarding school days and we were laughing at all the pranks he and his friends got up to whilst I was saying the only thing we did, was to have treats we brought from home over the weekend after ‘lights out’, so now I can eat anything for breakfast, like leftover pizza from the night before. 

Then I suddenly said, ‘why don’t we do an ebook? What should be call it? Huntly the Artist has a varied taste in different cuisines so he said, why not something relating to spices? I thought, “Poppodom!” which derives from a snack called poppadom. However, I wrote the whole book and they are all my recipes and ideas in poetry, photography and useful info. The Poppodom Café Family is therefore a team that loves food!

Q. What impact does culinary art have in your life? And what role has it played to motivate you to write this book?

A. A lot actually. I am a foodie expert which I get to utilise as one of Google’s top Local Guides who was invited to the November 2019 conference at their headquarters in San Jose but due to a new branch opening at work, I had to stay behind. I had events to attend and lots to try out, events-wise as well. Was a very difficult decision to make!

I use food photography in my Local Guide reviews and having done photography since my early teenage years, I love taking photographs of flowers and the natural landscape as well. Both creating my own recipes and taking photographs of the recipes I make, is a personal goal that I find is a beneficial way of getting the creative side of me out there for others to try and appreciate.

Culinary art has impacted my life in ways that are rewarding. When I have friends over, I do a few buffet type finger foods which are easy to make and in large quantities. It is nice to see all the recipes I created myself on the table and enjoyed by others as it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I have fed, not quite the 5000 with bread and wine, but a few hungry diners!

Q. If you were to summarize this book for readers in a few sentences, what would you like to say?

A. It is a personal journey into my life from my early teenage years to the present date, through poetry, photography and recipes I created myself for the purpose of making something quickly after a long day’s event.

I hope my readers will enjoy trying out my personal recipes which are simple and easy to make but which friends and family can enjoy as a buffet get-together on special occasions or just on days when others feel like a small party gathering is needed after a long day at work.

There is some useful info to be garnered from the book as well as blank charts to inspire others to record their favourite recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner; activities and other info charts to help readers become motivated in planning out their day-to-day routine in a way that is fun and varied.

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