Andy Michaels launched his new contemporary/pop album “Incendiary Heart”

Andy Michaels is well known for his wonderful journey from being an incapacitating car accident survivor to a famous contemporary/pop songwriter. He belongs to Perth, Western Australia, and has released many mesmerizing music albums in the last few years. He has a deep sense of melody with poignant lyrics that helped him to be at the forefont of multiple genres in the music industry worldwide.

Andy went through a critical time after suffering from a dangerous car accident when he was just in his teenage years. But over time, this life threatening experience motivated him to pick up a guitar and play it with the musical  spark ignited inside his heart. Today, he has  written, recorded and released more than 100 songs, which have a obtained a  great response from listeners in the music world.

People admire him more not just for the melodic compilations; rather, for delivering insightful, powerful, and thought-provoking lyrics. His mesmerizing melodies with intense lyrics make him stand ahead of many other musicians in the music industry.

While millions of listeners around the world keep on listening to his music, Andy Michaels also keeps on touring in different corners of the world with his regular performances. He has delivered many amazing performances inluding China, Asia, and Australia as well. Listeners say that Michaels is one of those music artists that touch their soul and heart directly with his deep lyrics and haunting melodies.

About the album “Incendiary Heart”:

We all know about the recent breath-taking album “Revisited” from Andy Michaels released in 2018. After getting five-star reviews from around the globe, Andy has come up with another amazing album “Incendiary Heart.” This music album includes 14 tracks of thought-provoking lyricism and soul inspiring melodies.  Perhaps the most amazing part of this new release is that it includes the nostalgic feel of 70s and 80s. At the same time, the tracks deliver a contemporary modern style vibe with a perfect mixture of rock, country, and pop. Andy Michaels enlisted Sharon Court, Carolyn Thomas, Kerry Ironside, and Tiarna Madison as collaborators for this uplifting album.

This album is going to fill your heart with deep emotions, and listeners will feel connected to their hearts and souls. With the soothing voice of Andy,  coupled with visionary lyrics, and ultimate guitar sounds, this album has everything to amaze most listeners.

In order to know more about his new album, we have asked a few questions from Andy Michaels.

Q. What has motivated you to launch this new album, “Incendiary Heart”?

A. I still had a lot of songs that I had written that didn’t fit on my previous Album “Revisited”

I guess in hindsight I could have made that a double Album, but anyway, I was straight back in the Recording Studio to start on this Album. It still took over 12 months to complete

Q. What is your favorite part of this 14-track contemporary/pop album?

A. The beauty of this Album is that being so eclectic, there are different songs to match different moods at different times. The songs are not all happy , or all sad, or all reflective , there are songs like “Humming Bird” that identifies with the child in me,  or “Rambling Man” with its Eagles style wistful longing. “Fireflies” and “Incendiary Heart” are both Soul Journeys and then “Night and Day” is more dark and deeper.

Q. How this music album is going to touch the heart of your beloved listeners?

A.  I received an email from a listener from the other side of the world who said my song “Angel”  (From the Album REVISITED) saved her life as it gave her new hope and purpose after she tragically lost her only daughter. That to me, is priceless and everyday I pray for her.

We all love, we all hurt, we all go through this life at some point and say “why me ?”.  My songs just echo the different sentiments, moods and emotions we go through. We are never alone and knowing that should make our journey  much more meaningful and memorable.

I think Dr Brian Weiss said it best when he said “We have developed the notion that science can cure all our ills and problems. But this makes us unbalanced because we have neglected intuitive wisdom,  creativity and inspiration. Most of all we have neglected the HEART”.  I am humbled that music makes that connection for me.

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