Meet Asif the Entrepreneur taking the recruitment industry by storm

Meet Asif the Entrepreneur taking the recruitment industry by storm

November 26, 2019 – The current digital era comes packed with golden opportunities waiting to be exploited. Asif Masood is the brightest example of how hard work and savvy decisions can transform lives.

Asif Masood is an entrepreneur in the thriving recruitment industry. He has successfully recruited for and signed clients worth over £100 million pounds so far. His exploits have seen him help over 200 professionals start their own recruiting firms in 25 countries around the world. Asif does this through his consultancy firm AG Consultancy. His structure leverages the digital age and technological advances into building businesses within the recruitment industry.

Asif’s story has been one of defying odds so far. He hails from a humble working-class background in the UK. He grew up in Bradford, one of the most deprived areas which have some of the highest levels of child poverty in the UK. Coming from a poor South Asian family background, Asif envisaged a university degree as his passport out of poverty. Asif graduated with first-class honors in business and management but felt a gaping hole in the traditional education system for entrepreneurs. Being taught business by lecturers most of whom had never had any experience running a business, without presenting a proven blueprint and having to pay tens of thousands of pounds for the luxury to do so just didn’t seem to sit well with Asif.

It was this experience that led to Asif wanting to establish a way to learn and become an entrepreneur with a proven blueprint and model for success. This would differ from all the usual books and lectures seen in traditional business education and created his desire to one day radically reform the education system for entrepreneurs.

After graduating Asif sold his time for money like many graduates do and joined a recruitment agency working with hundreds of clients in the financial services industry and successfully acquired all the knowledge and experience, he needed in the recruitment sector.

As expected, many people tried to talk him out of leaving his safe secure job and pursuing a risky business opportunity. In Bradford, where there is a real lack of opportunity, getting a job in retail alone is seen as fortunate and something to be thankful for, and so leaving a rewarding role as a successful recruitment consultant was frowned upon. Nevertheless, Asif stuck to his dream, set himself up to become his own boss, and went on to win the ‘Wealth & Finance 2018 Advisor of the Year’ award.

I had mastered an actual skill, a service of huge value that business owners of all sizes would pay me thousands for. You can either sell your time and get paid or master a skill and get paid for the VALUE you bring in regardless of time,” says Asif.

With social media leading the way in marketing, Asif took advantage of the advances in technology, to master Facebook, Instagram and YouTube ads and the rising popularity of social media platforms to create a competitive advantage over the traditional recruitment agencies. He signed on some of the most prestigious financial services firms in the UK and made successful placements getting paid over £4,000 for each vacancy he filled.

Asif Masood’s success highlights the potentials of the recruitment industry, which is growing consistently and said to be worth around £421 billion pounds a year worldwide. Firms are reported to spend huge sums hiring recruitment agencies with the trend expected to continue unabated. Asif’s consultancy firm has helped create a brand-new wave of digital entrepreneurs in the recruitment industry and is at the forefront of helping shape the future of the industry.

“The digital age has disrupted many industries and the recruitment industry is not immune to this change,” says Asif.

Inspiring stories do not come in better forms than Asif’s. He went from humble beginnings to building a successful global brand expanding through all areas of the world including the UK, UAE, France, Australia, Canada, USA & South Africa to name but a few. Asif’s vision is to build one of the most lucrative networks of recruitment agencies in the world and genuinely believes his group will successfully yield billions of pounds of the recruitment industry market share in the future.

Keeping costs to a minimum, being able to build lifestyle recruitment agencies and take advantage of the advances in technology, all whilst being able to offer clients services at a fraction of the price of traditional agencies which tend to have huge overheads is the future of the recruitment industry and something which Asif is at the forefront off.

Asif Masood’s journey has seen him become something of a mentor and inspiration with a sizeable online presence on his Instagram page @ceoasif

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