Professional PCB Manufacturer in China Announces To Supply PCB Quote Instantly online, pcb Samples within 24 Hours with Best Quality & At Best Prices

Beijing ZHKRPCB Co.,Ltd is a professional PCB design and manufacturing company in China that can supply high quality PCB assembly samples to a client within 24 hours of receiving the order. Now, one can currently get 5 pieces of PCB samples at just USD 5 under the promotion.

For a quick sample of a PCB assembly, clients can now rely upon China based Beijing ZHKRPCB Co.,Ltd. The company maintains an extra-ordinary claim of supplying PCB assembly samples to clients within 24 hours of receiving orders from them. Despite they offer a quick work, there is no compromise with the quality, and they don’t charge an exorbitant price for offering urgent samples. Moreover, the company also announces promotional offers from time to time, which can further offer a cost advantage to a client.

Beijing ZHKRPCB Co.,Ltd  has released their online quotation system. The clients just need to input length and width, then they will get PCB price and shipping fee instantly. This online quotation system will greatly save the communication cost of both parties.

Professional PCB Manufacturer in China Announces To Supply PCB Quote Instantly online, pcb Samples within 24 Hours with Best Quality & At Best Prices

The spokesperson of the company reveals that they always use a high quality PCB board in designing samples for clients, despite maintaining affordable prices. One can also request for a free instant quote for their PCB sample designing project. There is a simple online form for requesting a quote, available on the website of the company. One just needs to mention the dimension and quantity of the sample, and can also choose the number of layers and the thickness to get a precise quote from the company. According to the spokesperson, they have a modern design and production facility to quickly carry out all PCB sampling tasks. At the same time, the experienced workforce has the capability of delivering on time.

For fast PCB sampling, the company employs the latest technology and advanced machinery. They can design samples for diverse industries, such as electronic items, home appliances, communication devices, computer peripherals and so on. With a well-organized design and manufacturing process, the company endeavors to meet 100% customer satisfaction each time. The spokesperson talks about their world-class PCB sample quality. The sample produced meets the UL recognized E129660 standard, ISO 9001:2000 certification and also QS9000 standard. The company maintains a complete testing facility with the automatic optical inspection systems. The samples are delivered to the clients after 100% open short testing only.

The company boasts of having a PCB fast sample facility for single side, double side or multilayer sampling. The sample can feature varied board thicknesses, and they can offer various types of surface treatments, such as thick gold plating, flash gold plating, entek coating, immersion tin and others. The spokesperson states that they can design samples as per the exact specifications of the client. For example, they can design samples with a peelable solder mask and carbon printing on demand from the client. The samples can be with varied hole sizes and different profiles and V-cut.

To learn more about their PCB sample design process, one can visit the website

About Beijing ZHKRPCB Co.,Ltd

Beijing ZHKRPCB Co.,Ltd has a highly qualified team of professional engineers, who have academic credentials above undergraduate of universities. The company is a major supplier of PCB samples in electronics appliance, communication, educational electronics, power supply, computer peripherals, etc. They offer high-quality goods and services to satisfy customers’ needs. They can design the circuit and develop the project, according to a customer’s demand.

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