Dedicated Law Firm McGehee – Chang and Landgraf Encourages People to Fight Back on Unfair Medical Bills

When health insurance is purchased, it’s done because patients want to know that when they need to visit the hospital or emergency room, they have the cover required for their treatment. When they are then presented with an exorbitant bill, up to 6 times more than what their health insurance companies and federal and state government programs pay, it’s just not fair. And that’s assuming that the health insurance is accepted to begin with.

It’s the patient who loses out every time, and this isn’t the only way in which they’re being taken advantage of. Fight Medical Bills believe that it’s time for patients to be given the opportunity to fight back.

Las Cruces, NM, has been identified as a city that has exceptionally high rates of unfair medical billing. Their patients frequently find themselves subject to what’s called ‘Balance Billing.’ This happens when desperately ill and vulnerable patients, and even those who are unconscious, are treated by medical staff operating outside of the insurance network. The resultant bill can run to tens of thousands of dollars, all of which gets billed right back to the patient.

And this isn’t the only way in which residents in Las Cruces, NM, are finding themselves at the mercy of the healthcare providers. Because not only is Balance Billing a common practice, Price Gouging is also endemic. This exploitative practice comes from healthcare providers increasing their prices to a level that can only be described as extortionate. No-one who is able to would accept billing, which can be 600% to 1000% times higher than what insurance companies and state and federal governments are paying. 

To make this even worse, patients who have absolutely no choice in the costs of their treatment are being targeted. Already diagnosed with a deadly disease or in need of emergency attention, these are patients who desperately need care from medical professionals. Yet, the healthcare providers seem to relish the opportunity to make them subject to this highly unethical practice.

The state of New Mexico is slowly coming to the realization that these practices cannot continue. But it is naive to think that this will prevent healthcare providers from taking financial advantage of people in their weakest moments. It should be remembered that these are the unscrupulous companies who send details over to collection agencies and who sue their patients. 

McGehee Chang and Landgraf Trial Lawyers know that fighting back is the only way in which victims of these outrageous situations can achieve the justice they deserve. No-one relishes the prospect of a hospital stay, but when it then spirals into a nightmare of debt, then it needs a highly experienced and successful team to fight your corner. 

If you have received unexpected medical bills or if you’re having problems with medical bills, McGehee Chang and Landgraf may be able to help to get some of your money back or even.

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