Healthy Fast Food Chains Making Their Mark Across Indianapolis

Healthy Fast Food Chains Making Their Mark Across Indianapolis

Not long ago, consumers only had a few options when they wanted a quick meal for lunch. Most fast-food restaurants served greasy burgers or chicken. It was generally fast but not very healthy. Some restaurants tried to offer salads but because they weren’t big enough to be a meal, they left customers wondering if they wasted their money. Today, people are demanding more from their fast-food lunches. They want healthier options that make them feel good and give them the energy to make it through the rest of the day.

Healthy Fast Food is Now Affordable

For business owners and consumers alike, the problem with offering healthy food in the quick-service industry is often the cost. It was expensive for restaurants to buy fresh food and they had to pass that cost on to consumers. People typically choose fast-food restaurants because they are fast and cheap. If there were healthier options available that could provide the food quickly and for a similar price, many people would choose them instead. Consumers overwhelming choose healthier fast-food when they have that option. Investors or those who want to make a difference in the foods their neighbors eat for lunch may be interested in the information presented at

Consumer demand has resulted in more and more quick-service restaurants that serve fresh food at an affordable price. They are now flocking to restaurants that serve things like pitas and roasted veggies, because the price of a meal is comparable to a burger, fries and drink from a different fast-food restaurant, yet better tasting and better for them. When a new health-focused restaurant opens, lines form quickly because consumers know they’ll get what they are looking for.

Healthy Fast-food Restaurants are Everywhere

In the past, it was difficult to find a fast-food restaurant with healthy food in Indianapolis. Today, these options are more prominent. Investors are going to to learn about opportunities to provide what people want while building a compelling business in the industry. There’s plenty of growth opportunities for those who go this route. Franchisees don’t even need a background in the industry. More important is a desire to feed people fresh, delicious food.

People in most major cities are starting to discover fresh food quick-service restaurants close enough to their jobs that they can grab a healthy lunch and get back to work without having to drive too far. As more people learn about these options, they may even start to replace unhealthy restaurant choices. More than likely though, consumers may start to see traditional fast-food restaurants change their menus in an effort to recapture some of their customers. Either way, fewer people will be eating the burgers, french fries and fried chicken served at traditional fast-food restaurants and instead, they’ll spend their lunch money on fresh food that is good for their bodies.

Pita Pit is ahead of the curve. Each restaurant serves healthy, fresh Mediterranean foods to customers in its 580 restaurants and thousands of dedicated team members, across corporate and franchised locations. This support network means benefits for franchisees from start-up and onward — to help ensure their business can thrive in a growing, evolving industry.

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