Science Mom is inspiring and educating the next generation with her YouTube channel and 2020 calendar that has suggested science activities for every week of the year

Jenny Ballif earned the nickname “Science Mom” in 2013 when she volunteered to bring weekly science demonstrations to her son’s second-grade class. Since then she has made more than 100 videos on her educational YouTube channel and visited more than 1,200 classrooms in Southern Nevada, sharing exciting science demonstrations and hands-on science activities.

Because of recent policy changes on YouTube, channels designed for kids are losing monetization, notifications, and comments. These changes will make it impossible for Science Mom to continue her educational outreach, unless she can find funding through her crowdfunding campaign on

Science Mom is currently producing a series of videos about an essential topic: the atmosphere, weather, and climate. Too many people are debating what to do and how to vote on climate change without understanding the basic science of the atmosphere. This series of videos gives viewers a clear foundation to be able to have informed discussions on the topic, and it does so in a fun and engaging way with informative cartoons and hands-on experiments.

The Science Mom team is offering a special reward for their supporters on Kickstarter.  Not only will backers receive the worksheets and educational resources that accompany the atmosphere videos, they will also get a 2020 calendar that features fun science cartoons and has a suggested science experiment for every week of the year.  

More information about the project can be found on its Kickstarter campaign page.

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