Inner Peace Advisor Reveals 8 Steps Course that Uncovers the True Self

Inner Peace Advisor Reveals 8 Steps Course that Uncovers the True Self
8 Steps to Attain Inner Peace Reveals How to Train Yourself to Think Differently and Permanently Rewire Your Brain.

November 26, 2019 – The Inner Peace Advisor, is pleased to announce his program, 8 Steps to Attain Inner Peace. The program was created to help people get in touch with their true essence, which is peace, and to free themselves from endlessly swirling in emotions, such as anger, fear, guilt, doubt, and victimhood. The program is aimed at raising consciousness within all people to help them achieve inner peace, which opens the door to a world of limitless abundance and possibilities.

“As an Inner Peace Advisor, I believe your purpose in life is to grow, evolve, and set aside the beliefs, perceptions, mental models, and frameworks that limit your greatness and hamper the expression of your limitless soul through your physical body,” said Dominic.

Most people go through life with many negative emotions that create limitations and hinders them from reaching their full potentials. To free themselves from this invisible box, the first step is to gain awareness of their self-imposed limitations. The Inner Peace Advisor´s program creates that awareness and puts users on the path to understanding, letting go, resolution, and ultimately achieving inner peace. The program identifies the most disadvantageous thought patterns that live within and cause negative emotions. By identifying the root of the problem the user can replace the source of the undesirable emotions with one that produces confidence, courage, determination, presence, and fulfillment.

Dominic identifies the 8 Steps to Attain Inner Peace as follows:

1. Finish with duality

2. Learn to recognize love

3. Accept you know nothing

4. Embody your soul

5. Set boundaries

6. Release others

7. Know yourself

8. Find truth only in the body

The program comes with a workbook of exercises and is self-paced. To reap the full benefits of the program, users may take the 8 steps in the program sequentially one week at a time and fully absorb each step before proceeding to the next one.

“I relentlessly seek knowledge of self and practice contemplation. In this pursuit, I learned enough about myself to set myself free from the labyrinth of my mind and see the world as it IS, not as I want or need it to be. In this space, I found liberation, happiness, lightness, joy, and lasting Inner Peace. It is from this place of Inner Peace that I work with clients around the world to provide them with Inner Peace and hope to one day work with you as well,” Dominic said.

“This course change the way I see things. It has given me precious information that I will not forget!” Sonia from Michigan, USA.

The Inner Peace Advisor, Dominic, holds a Bachelors Engineering degree from Stanford University and a Masters of Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He also has certifications in Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Theta Healing. He uses a flexible approach when working with clients and does not limit himself to a particular modality or framework. When you work with him, he’ll tune your identity, thoughts, and beliefs to align with your eternal core so that you can live life without limits.

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