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A recently released findings on world mental health by a reputable global institution and the figures it presented are alarming. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 450 million people worldwide suffer from some mental and neurological disorder. That’s one in every eighteen people on earth!

Of the 450 million people afflicted, 300 million of them suffer from depression. In a separate report by the same organization, their studies conclude that one in 13 people globally suffer from anxiety disorder. Although heredity, genetics, and disease significantly contribute to the occurrence of mental health issues, it is stress and the pressures of everyday life that are seen as the primary culprits to the increase of mental ailments.

In fact, the WHO has even dubbed stress as the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” and for most highly developed countries like the USA, job stress is the primary type of stress among adults. Stress is also heavily associated with other disease like heart attack, hypertension, obesity, substance abuse, anxiety, depression and other physical and mental health disorders. Interestingly, it is known that stress reactions differ from person to person and that personal perception to the triggers of stress vary greatly. Meaning vulnerability and resilience are subjectively determined by the afflicted individual. There really are people who make mountains out of a molehill. And for those people, living life can be a miserable experience.

The biggest concern is access to help and treatment. It’s far too common for people to keep to themselves their suffering and it’s for a variety of reasons. Fear of pre-judgement, embarrassment, shame, or signs of weakness are a few of the reasons. Unfortunately, there has always been a stigma associated with poor mental health that keeps people from seeking professional help. Even worst are people that either underestimate mental disease or lack the appreciation or understanding of what they’re going through.

The good news is that there are groups, companies and institutions that contribute to the alleviation of people from poor mental health. One such entity is has positioned itself as a leading online provider of resources that support and promote good mental health and well-being. has a careful selection of personality development programs and courses, each addressing a specific mental issue one may have. There are courses on how to keep calm despite a chaotic environment. There are courses on being physically fit and healthy. And there are courses on how to cope with stress.

In doing so, is providing a chance for people to help themselves, a chance for them to stay mentally and physically stronger to face the challenges of modern life. With its trust to promote wellness, is already changing lives all over the globe.

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