Ellen Stirling Dental Has Recently Grown Its Presence As The Leading Ellenbrook Dentist

Ellen Stirling Dental Has Recently Grown Its Presence As The Leading Ellenbrook Dentist

Ellenbrook, WA – Ellen Stirling Dental has been catering to the oral health and treatment needs of members of the Ellenbrook, WA community for years. By making use of the latest dental technologies, Ellen Stirling Dental has been able to re-invent dental practice in the area, giving patients a renewed interest in caring for their oral health and dental needs. 

Describing the dental clinic, the spokesperson for Ellen Stirling Dental, Dr. Alan Quan said, “Our dedicated team is highly skilled in providing comfortable, long-lasting treatment. Our primary focus is to provide a relaxing and positive experience for you at every appointment.  Also, we are very proud to be an eco-friendly practice. We strive to look after you with the very best patient care while minimising our impact on the environment. Moreover, every visit you make to Ellen Stirling Dental has been carefully planned to reduce your carbon footprint and we make it our priority to search for high quality, locally made, and cruelty free products.”

As the leading dental care clinic in the area, Ellen Stirling Dental clinic prides themselves on their ability to offer comprehensive dental care and treatment services which have been designed to address not only the signs and symptoms of oral health conditions, but also to cater to the underlying cause of the condition thus restoring health to patients.

Being a full-service dental clinic, the dentists at Ellen Stirling Dental are capable of offering a comprehensive array of dental care services. These include routine dental checkups, designed as a preventative practice to keep the teeth in the best condition, scaling and cleaning of the teeth to prevent excessive buildup of plaque and tartar, and restoration of broken or damaged teeth. They also offer cosmetic dentistry services including dental crowns and veneers, TMJ pain treatment and more.

The dentists also cater to the orthodontic needs of patients, administering the latest Invisalign plastic aligners that are comfortable and less embarrassing as compared to the traditional metal braces. In addition, the dental clinic has a team of specialists who also offer teeth replacement solutions through the use of dental implants. 

Patients who are suffering from toothaches and other emergency dental care needs can also visit the top dental clinic in the area. The dentists pride themselves on being able to offer comprehensive and personalized services. This means that each patient will get a chance to make their complaints and undergo comprehensive examinations and tests for proper diagnosis.

Based on their diagnosis, the dentists will educate patients on their current dental health and also offer them an array of solutions which can be adopted in the treatment of their dental condition.

Ellen Stirling Dental is open to working with all types of patients, irrespective of their dental care needs. These include wisdom teeth removal, those who have been involved in a personal accident or those requiring emergency visits to address sports injuries.

Visit the dentists at their office located at 48 Ellen Stirling Parade Ellenbrook WA 6069 AU (https://g.page/EllenStirlingDental?share) or call them at their emergency hotline (08) 6192 1036. For more information, send an email to candice@ellenstirlingdental.com.au or visit their website for more information.

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