Sanzi Art Gallery – Chinese Art and Gallery Grand Opening

27th November, 2019 – Laguna Beach, CA – The Sanzi Art Gallery had its grand opening on November 23rd, 2019, in Laguna, Los Angeles, in its state of the art showroom. It is one of the best Chinese art galleries in the country and had in attendance notable members of the public during the launch.

This event had in attendance different individuals from a combined American and Chinese background, which were brought together by the love for Chinese Art. Local officials in attendance such as the Laguna and other regional presidents of chambers of commerce and celebrities from all works of life who came to witness and enjoy Chinese art at its best. However, this is the first time a unique exhibition hall for the artworks of Mr. Sanzi is set up in Laguna, Los Angeles, and according to Mr. Sanzi the reason for choosing Laguna Laguna Beach is because it is a place of gathering for many artists, and various types of art festivals come to play every year. Sanzi Art Gallery has its headquarters in Shanghai, China, with branches in Beijing, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. Although Sanzi Art Gallery also has a peculiar cooperation institution in New York and Miami.

In the grand opening, there were over 30 works of Mr. Sanzi displayed in the exhibition; also, various upcoming Chinese artists showcased their artworks along Mr. Sanzi. Mr. Wang Jet, in the opening ceremony, stated the uniqueness of Mr. Sanzi’s artwork and that it shows the nature of the heavens and earth, the oldness of all things, and can make people suddenly brighten up. Wang Shaojian, chairman of Beijing Shengshi Cultural Development Co., Ltd., said that as an oil painting enthusiast, he had collected many works including top contemporary oil painters from China, the United States, and Europe, and Sanzi is one of them. Also, many other attendees praised Mr. Sanzi’s artworks speaking of its beauty and uniqueness. In an interview with some of the attendances, Mr. Sanzi was described as unique, cordial, and the most eye-catching contemporary painter in China. His works created with the comprehensive performance skills of Western painting and the cultural elements of Chinese Taoism, which can instantly bring the audience to a realm like a fairy. His philosophy remark of “Before the age of 40 is Confucianism and after the age of 40 is Taoism” has been widely recognized in China and all over making him have collectors around the globe and also people loyal to his work.

About Sanzi Art Gallery:

The Sanzi Art Gallery, headquartered in Shanghai, was established in 2010 by the artist Mr. Sanzi, which aims at spreading the works with Chinese Laozi and Taoist theme; and is also focused on promoting the works of Chinese young potential artists. With keeping the purpose of the professional level, the high-quality selecting, and the global vision, the Sanzi art gallery strives to construct an international gallery organization that faces the whole world.

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