Dr Joseph Ikhalia Offers Solutions to Overcome Drone Cybersecurity Nightmare

Cutting edge solutions to keep us safe from drone security threats

Dr Joseph Ikhalia proposes solutions to the latest security risks posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) – commonly known as drones – at London’s Commercial UAV Show November 2019, the largest one in Europe. Dr Ikhalia highlights UAV’s security risks and recommends strategic IT and government policies.

As a cybersecurity trainer and speaker, Dr Ikhalia shares his views on the uprising dangers of drones: “Most people don’t realize that drones work like a computer, and as such, they can be hacked and used for malicious acts, from stealing sensible data to carrying out cyber and terrorist attacks.”

Dr Ikhalia believes that by identifying the drones’ weak operating systems, it is possible to implement efficient hack-proof structures.

“However, it’s not just a question of adding an antivirus but to also train the Government, businesses and the public on how to respond to a drone security breach,” adds Dr Ikhalia.

Dr Ikhalia concludes that new security policies must include a national capability to detect and defeat UAV threats. This includes enabling law enforcement agencies to investigate and respond to UAV hacks, updating Government contingency plans, and ensuring that the critical national infrastructure is robust and able to respond and recover from drone strikes.

The UAV Commercial Show was held on 12-13 November 2019. Dr Ikhalia was a guest speaker amongst other leading experts in security, urban innovation and control systems.

For more information about the Commercial UAV Show and Dr Joseph Ikhalia, please visit www.terrapinn.com or email drjosephikhalia@gmail.com

About Dr Joseph Ikhalia:

Dr Joseph Ikhalia is the IT Security and Compliance Manager of Quanta Technology. Dr Ikhalia is the mastermind behind the world’s first social network security awareness application called “social network criminal”. He is known for pushing boundaries and pioneering new avenues within the growing field of cybersecurity.

As an expert in designing, implementing and maintaining cybersecurity architectures as well as leading penetration tests, Dr Ikhalia has worked with clients across several sectors worldwide. Dr Ikhalia’s work has attracted the interest of the UK government, earning him a spot at “HutZero”, a UK government-sponsored cybersecurity programme for people with innovative cybersecurity ideas.

Find out more about Dr Joseph Ikhalia at www.josephikhalia.com.

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