HydroLOGICA Leads Movement Against Water Crisis in Nicaragua Through Water Well Drilling

HydroLOGICA Leads Movement Against Water Crisis in Nicaragua Through Water Well Drilling

Managua, Nicaragua – HydroLOGICA, at https://hydrologica.com/, offers a wide range of services including municipal-scale hydrogeological assessments, water well drilling, eclectic submersible/hand pump installation, and more. However, at the heart of these services is a desire to provide communities in Nicaragua with access to clean water. Currently, the company is actively fighting the current Nicaraguan water crisis.

Their hydrogeological assessments are crucial because these make it possible to map potential groundwater. Assessments are a fundamental part of their process, and they use seismoelectric equipment to perform these assessments. Their state-of-the-art tools make for efficient and accurate tests in every region, including Nicaragua.

Additionally, they can spec out and install electric submersible pumps and plumb out the pressure tanks to be ready for a main supply line. During any and all installations, the team undergoes a careful planning stage before diving into the work.

Not only do they perform these services themselves, but they also have a training program in which they teach others to drill wells and install pumps.Only through the multiplication of services can they achieve their mission of bringing clean water to communities in Nicaragua.

All of their drilling supplies and pump parts are available for purchase. This is in an effort to support the local supply chain and to ensure that all client’s wells are repaired efficiently.

The company prides itself in being adaptive. Rather than take shortcuts to save time and money, they fully adopt any new practices that can make completed projects turn out better.

Through capital from the Oil & Gas Industry, they are able to make a positive change in the water sector. They have also created a portal in collaboration with Northwater International and Hydrata to support government, NGOs, and academia. The system archives historical data about the groundwater resources compiled from various public sources.

HydroLOGICA is a team of philanthropists that use their technical skills to help end the water crisis in Nicaragua. By using their knowledge and expertise and sharing that expertise with others, they are able to give communities the gift of clean water by drilling water wells.

HydroLOGICA encourages those interested in signing up for a training, or for more information about their services, to contact them through their website.

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