Mass Innovation – Chinese Design Rises in the Change

The turnover on November 11, 2019 exceeded 10 billion yuan within 96 seconds, which is 29 seconds faster thanin 2018. The emergence of new products means both supply and demand are flourishing, and now double 11 is not only a sales number but also an important benchmark that witnesses the innovation of Chinese manufacturing design. With the arrival of “mass innovation and entrepreneurship” era, Chinese design is undergoing a new round of reform. Since 2010, design-driven brands have been active in the market. The success of companies with design genes such as Xiaomi and Alibaba has enabled more people to see the potential of design and the development direction of design in the future.

China’s industrial design started relatively late. In 1980, it began to set up “industrial design” in major universities. However, since joining the WTO in 2002, the industrial design industry has flourished in China. Nowadays, there are more than 600 universities running industrial design majors.There are more than 600,000 industrial design practitionersand 500,000 design graduates each year. The number of designer is huge in China.

Throughout China’s industrial design development in recent years, new ideas, new achievements and new initiatives have been continuously launched. National and local major comprehensive design awards and activities have taken place one after another, such as China Red Star Award, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Exhibition, Hebei International Industrial Design Week and others , making many cities in China a hot spot for industrial design activities in a global perspective. Taking the second Hebei International Industrial Design Week held in Xiongan New Area, Hebei Province, China.

On November 21st, 2019, with the theme of “Design Force Empowers the City of the Future”, in more than 10 events including a keynote speech, a high-end summit, a design innovation tour, three exhibitions, and six design sharing in seven days, it has attracted more than 50 design masters, design institute leaders and business leadersfrom more than 30 countries and regions around the world. The activities focused on international design forward-looking concepts and industry trendssuch as intelligent design, green design and service design,and established the latest design release platform, the top design dialogue stage and the gathering place of global design boutiques ,whichadd an annual industrial design feast to China by various creative activitiesin Xiongan.

David Kusuma, the President of the World Design Organization (WDO), stated in his speech that WDO has more than 170 member units around the world, connecting some 300,000 designers.In China, WDO has 16 member units. China’s design is active not only in WDO but also on the international stage, and famous award-winningworks in design industry have increasingly emerged from the works of Chinese designers and Chinese companies. Since 2012, China has won more than 30% of the German Red Dot Design Award, and 4 of Best 100 of the GOOD DESIGN AWARD which is the highest quality award in 2018 are Chinese design works.Chinese start-ups are increasingly focusing on the power of design innovation, and more and more designers are joining the founding team.Alibaba, who created the double eleven miracle, has two co-founders of design origin.

Participation in international design awards is an important way to enhance design innovation of design institutions and enterprises. Famous design award has been constantly won and enterprises successfully improve product added value through design innovation, which greatly promoted the development of Chinese design. It also put forward more requirements for China’s education and the government. In order to promote the transformation of made in China to Created in China, we need more high quality design talents to build a design-powerful country. It is reported that under the strong leadership and support of Hebei government, the first Goldreed Industrial Design Award was officially launched in current Hebei International Industrial Design Week, adhering to the Chinese “harmony” concept to collect excellent design works all over the world. GoldreedAward is divided into five categories: supreme award, golden award, future star award, excellent design award and nomination award. Among them, the prize of the supreme prize is up to 1 million yuan. The amount of prize, the variety of entries and the new judging mode have attracted worldwide attention. In the first golden reed award, the double chairman system of appointment of Chinese and foreign presidents was adopted for evaluation and selection, which created a precedent for the evaluation system of domestic industrial design awards and provided a broader international perspective for the organization of GoldreedAward.

As the chairman of GoldreedIndustrial Design Award China, professor He Renke, jury of German red spot design award, iF design award and Japanese g-mark design award, believes that the award is an important measure to discover future design, enlighten future life and empower future cities, as well as an important opportunity to contribute Oriental wisdom to world design. David Kusuma, the incoming President of the world design organization (WDO), praised the GoldreedAward, saying it will be an important award to highlight the top innovation in China and the world.

The GoldreedAward matches international top award standard. As highlighting Xiongan city of the future to gather global design intelligence resources ambition, it also greatly stimulates the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of designers with the dream. It is believed that in the near future, it will become a new design trend to guide the future life style with oriental wisdom, change the future industrial direction, and help people coexist harmoniously with nature and cities.

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