Keys for All The Needs from the Locksmith Columbus, OH

Keys get you inside the car, home, or business when the doors are locked. But sometimes, issues with the key or the lock cause trouble that prevents the easy entry that you expect. If you have damaged locks, don’t feel secure with those currently installed, or need a repair, a good locksmith Columbus, OH company is the place to call.

Electronic Car Keys: The Updated way to Control Your Vehicle

A transponder key is the most commonly used type of electronic car key drivers use today. Cars made after 1995 include a transponder which uses a chip to communicate with a computer that immobilizes it should the wrong key be inserted. This security reduces the risk of break-in or vehicle theft, a crime that continues to rise. Jones and Sons Locksmith – Columbus, OH has an automotive locksmith team fully equipped and trained to create or repair transponder keys. But our locksmith Columbus, OH professionals can do far more than replace this special type of key.

Streamline Security with a Master Key System

Another electronic key that can benefit your company is the master key. A master key is a singular key that unlocks multiple locks, eliminating the need to carry around multiple keys. You pick and choose the locks that you wish for this key to open. You instantly gain better control over business operations, enjoy peace of mind, and more. Plus, a single key can still unlock these door locks. Many business owners use master key systems and enjoy the reduced time and enhanced productivity that enjoy with this key. Our commercial locksmith Columbus, OH team can install the master key at your facility, so these conveniences are yours to enjoy.

Keyless Entry for Your Automobile

Although keyless entry systems are available for commercial and residential use, they’re most commonly used on automobiles. Several keyless entry systems are available at cost-effective prices that all drivers can afford. With a keyless entry installed on your vehicle, improved safety and peace of mind is there for the driver to enjoy. Simply press a button on your key fob and the vehicle unlocks automatically so there’s no need to fumble around looking for or inserting the keys into the locks. A good locksmith Columbus, OH like ours can make ignition switch keys but we’ll also gladly upgrade your system to keyless entry if you prefer.

Install Deadbolt on the Doors at Your Home

There are many types of locks that improve security at your home, but for many, it is deadbolt locks that provide the most protection and peace of mind. Call a residential locksmith Columbus, OH to learn more about the types of deadbolts that can be added to your front and/or back doors for added protection and security. A deadbolt lock is a lock bolt that moves without a spring. The deadbolt can be opened only with a key and is not easily manipulated. Homes secured with deadbolts are resistant to force, including jimmying with a knife, thus provide the absolute best security for your home.

Quality Lock Installation

At our Locksmith Columbus, OH, it is easy to get lock service for your home, business or car night or day thanks to our 24/7 emergency service from our emergency locksmith staff. Jones and Sons Locksmith- Columbus, OH is the lock expert that strives to protect your most valuable assets and the most important people in your life with the best locks for your doors and top-notch installation, too.

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