Top Best Selling Categories on Amazon in 2019

Amazon has become a highly lucrative online selling platform that has connected buyers and sellers across the globe. For sellers, it has provided tremendous opportunities to showcase their products and connect with buyers on an international level. In order to make maximum profits, sellers tend to target popular categories.

According to the data provided by SellerMotor, an well-known e-commerce analytics, below are some of the popular selling categories on Amazon.

  1. Electronics

Electronics is the second largest category on Amazon and has over 10.2 million products. The gadget is generally a popular category on Amazon, as people are constantly looking to stay updated with the latest trends. However, it is an extremely volatile category, and you cannot predict who will be top the next day. One day you will find Alexa standing on the top chart, and the very next Apple Watch would be trending. Technology that uses AI and supports human activities are always trending and in-demand.

  1. Video Games

The craze for video games among people is evident across the globe. Now people are not picking out video games; rather, they are choosing video game gift cards for people to offer them the freedom to choose their preferred game. Two third of the item in the video game category are gift cards instead of being a specific game. Customization has become a strong trend in the e-commerce world. So when people buy gifts for teenagers or anyone else, they don’t pick out a game and force the person to play with it. They provide them with the gift card and give them the freedom to decide. Such flexible items are witnessing quite the upsurge in the Amazon market.

  1.  Toys and Games

Amazon sold over USD 5 million worth of toys in 2018, and this number is likely to increase substantially by the end of 2019. With children being the highest consumer of this market, toys and games are among the top-selling category on Amazon. Moreover, it is a dynamic category, so it is important that sellers should be aware of the latest trends in order to be relevant. Toys and Games are one of the timeless top selling categories on Amazon, which further become popular during the holiday seasons.

  1. Exercise Clothing

Yoga pants have created a lot of buzzes, and it is here to stay, and so are other exercise clothes. People are increasingly participating in this active lifestyle moment, and it all starts with buying the right kind of clothes. Furthermore, stylish and comfortable shoes like crocs, native Jeffersons have also seen massive popularity.

  1. Jewelry

The sales of jewelry, shoes, and clothes together accounted for USD 33.4 million in the year 2019. Gems, precious metals, baubles, etc. are also on-demand. However, with over 50% of the profit margin, this category is highly competitive. This is why it is very difficult for sellers to become successful by merely using generic keywords. They have to research and come up with long-tail keywords in order to get ahead of the competition.

  1.  Books

The most extensive category on Amazon is Books that comprise of 44.2 million products. Books have become more popular than ever, and evidently, this category has become the top-selling one on Amazon. It is also among the oldest product category on Amazon and profitable ones too. If you are able to collect books in bulk for a dollar and advertise is well, you can sell them on Amazon on their original price. While it is not a sure formula for all the sellers, it can work if you think strategically.

  1. Food

Ever since Amazon has launched Prime Pantry and AmazonFresh, food has become a trending category on the platform. In fact, the market share of Amazon for Food and Grocery comes down to 81.8% There are tons of reports out there that showcase what kind of food products are trending in the market and what are falling. Healthy and organic food items are especially popular in the market. This is because people are increasingly becoming health conscious and are constantly looking for healthy alternatives.

Tips to Choose Selling Categories to Increase the Sales

Following are some of the important tips that will help sellers on Amazon choose a profitable category:

  1. Gauge the traffic flow

In order to determine what products are selling the most on Amazon, determine where major players are directing the traffic to on the platform. They have already established a team that filters out the best products so you can take advantage of their research. You should also consider the time of the year a particular product sells the best. You certainly don’t want to invest your money in something that only sells well for a couple of months.

  1. Determine the Market Gaps with Amazon Reviews

One of the proven methods to identify the products that will sell is to analyze online customer reviews. This will help you figure out what people are looking for and what they are disappointed in. What customers don’t like about your competitors’ product should serve as an insight for you to build your own selling and marketing strategy. This is one of the powerful ways of outperforming your competition.

  1. Amazon Seller Ranking

Once you have determined on the best selling categories on Amazon, it is time to understand their seller ranking. The faster an item sells, the faster you will be able to re-invest the money and expand your business. Amazon seller ranking allows you to understand how often a product is selling. There are multiple places where you can see the sellers rank:

  • At the product description table
  • At the product detail section on the top

Final Thoughts

Amazon is a great platform for sellers to exhibit their products to a global market and make a profit. It offers them plenty of opportunities to generate sales but is equally competitive. These above research can prove highly beneficial to them as it will help in determining what are the products that are selling the most and accordingly build strategies to harness the potentials of this extensive platform.

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