Brooklyn Nut House: Home of Healthy and Tasty Snacks

Brooklyn Nut House aims to provide alternative snacking that will prevent and reverse disease, be tasty and delicious as well. The highly nutritious and delicious snacks offered by the company is a trendsetter in the industry and will change the ongoing nutritional trends.

Made with quality ingredients, the healthy snacks offered by Brooklyn Nut House is ideal for people of all age groups including children and senior citizens. The company recognizes that tastes, needs and preferences differ, so they are offering a variety of snacks for different individual health needs.

“Our goal is to provide alternative snacking that will reverse and prevent disease,” said The founder of Brooklyn Nut House. “Our results have proven that the best way to heal the natural body is naturally without relying on industrial produced snack and food.” The founder added. According to the founder, each snack is made only from the freshest, top quality, wholesome and nutritious fruits.

At the moment, they have three gourmet, quality, healthy, wholesome, better for you snack bags: Detox Delux, Energy Boost and Omega 3 Plus. Each of these products is vitamin packed, grab to go and according to testimonies from people who have tried them, it gives you the balance of health, stamina and mental strength.

From a little garage in Brooklyn an idea was born, to let the consumer Snack on the best, freshest, healthiest and tastiest wholesome stuff that earth offers. After years of hard work and ignoring the naysayers the revolution happened. Dear friends each bundle of “Brooklyn Nut House” wholesome goodies is packed with the best source of vitamins and is naturally healthy and good for longevity.

About Brooklyn Nut House

Brooklyn Nut House is a food company that truly cares about your health and wellbeing. It was born out of the need for healthy and tasty snacks. After many years of extremely hard work and ignoring the naysayers, they’ve finally brought to market a snack that is healthy wholesome, nutritious, fresh, gluten free, dairy free, vegan, non GMO and above all very delicious.

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