My Bill Cash takes the micro-task platform to the next level

My Bill Cash takes the micro-task platform to the next level

MyBillCash is a blockchain-based company that provides a platform connecting micro job seekers and employers based on-scale work demand from every nook and corner of the world. They are a blockchain-based ecosystem that mimics a micro-task website where the transaction is done through bill tokens. They use Ethereum token cryptocurrency called Bills Cash for all the transactions that are made between the employee and the employer. 

Mybillcash is a decentralized microtask platform on the blockchain with enabled users to user encrypted messages.

MybillCash Features

  • Encrypted user to user messages

  • Voucher economy

  • Service marketplace

  • Offer and take a quick job

  • Central escrow mechanism.

  • Job offers from $ 0.15

  • Job searching by keyword

  • Token staking (0.35% daily)


  • $ 5 per free signup

  • $ 2 per free referral

The company acts as an interface for providing people to do simple online internet work and also get paid without any investments. The transaction system is also based upon a voucher economy. This enables the users of MyBillCash to generate vouchers by converting their earned bill tokens into loaded vouchers that can be sold for cash. The voucher economy allows the user to redeem the earned bill tokens as cash and also use the same for starting up a campaign on the site. The voucher once generated is valid for one year and is liable for one-time use only.

MyBillCash also uses a referral programme where the users can refer their family, friends and known people to MyBillCash. Once the referred person signs in using the referral link, the user gets paid with a single token. There is no limit to the number of people a user can refer MyBillCash using the referral program. Users can search for Jobs at MyBillCash faster as it enables Job searching by keyword. The freelancers using the website can look for quick jobs posted by employers that pay a minimum of 0.15$ per job. MyBillCash provides an environment that is an encrypted user to user chatting interface that allows publishers and advertisers to discuss about the job description and payment details in a secure environment. Once the job is completed, the employer would rate the work and based on that the success rate of the particular user who completed the job and pay him in tokens. 

MyBillCash offers an ecosystem that promotes Bills token staking where the holder of the tokens can hold the tokens in his account as long as he wants. MyBillCash offers 0.35% daily on every 2000 bills or more that are staked in the account of the holder. However, MyBillCash notifies that the percentage isn’t permanent as it is subjected to change with the market reaction. MyBillCash claims to be the best in providing works form big business worldwide with no initial investment. MyBillCash claims to provide a stable market for micro jobs and project an increasing trajectory for the exchange values for Cash bill tokens.

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