SSCC: an innovative decentralized consensus (POCC) privacy network and storage protocol

All obstacles to the development of human society are fundamentally caused by “mutual distrust”, especially various economic and financial crises. If human beings can solve the problem of mutual trust, then humanity will complete a very large leap, Step into a higher stage of civilization.

Rousseau said in “The Social Contract” that the greatest injustice of mankind is that the minority obeys the majority. However, in fact, there is nothing in the world that is a minority. Everyone is born equal and independent. Everyone is a respectable independent individual.

Creating, deconstructing, transforming, reshaping … Breaking away from the shackles of history and reality, imagination has space; digital technology based on the Internet is leading humans to a whole new place of hope.

The original intention of the creation of Spatial storage common chain was derived from the development of human technological civilization to the present. The emergence of application scenarios such as the Internet, mobile Internet, big data, 5G in conjunction with the Internet of Things, smart terminals, and artificial intelligence is a technology for mass data storage and transmission. We believe that decentralized private network storage is the next technological direction.

Secondly, the widespread consensus reached by the crisis of trust in modern human society and the profound civilization crisis caused by the extreme polarization of the rich and the poor, and the use of the latest technology tool of the blockchain to deeply explore and summarize the understanding of the consensus mechanism, providing a solution to the crisis of modern civilization. Reference scenarios.

The ultimate goal of this program is the dream of humankind for thousands of years: personal wealth and freedom!

Spatial storage common chain, a global “privacy network” and storage protocol built on distributed nodes based on blockchain technology, with decentralized anonymity as the design principle.

We will create a new consensus scheme and show how to build a valid proof of work that can be used on consensus protocols based on the new Proof of currency capacity. Miners do not need to waste computing power to mine Block, they just need to store the data in the network.

SSCC’s initial functions will be implemented in the main chain’s dapp application-the on-chain miner community, to achieve a friendly user experience, form a complete decentralized financial and commercial ecological prototype, and eventually create a decentralized consensus society’s full ecological future currency network; we Call it SSCC.

The initial functions of the DAPP application include: proof of currency capacity mining, smart contracts, distributed OTC transactions, blockchain browser, SC-Plan, spatial matrix fission, SC chain news, privacy and socialization. All these functions echo, cycle, The balance formed the powerful internal structure of the early SSCC.

As SSCC continues to improve and spread, it will not only be an open-source “chain” or the “coin price” that rises in market transactions. It will be more like a brand-new, decentralized Internet free ecology.

In terms of strategic operations, SSCC takes the decentralized community win-win as the guiding principle, and we will generate and distribute the first batch of parent coins through the spatial matrix fission mechanism. This will minimize the community influence of the development team,which is differ from most pure public-chain currency value projects in the current market,to create greater space for the long-term development of SSCC.

Technically, we will elaborate on the following:

1. Introduce the performance of the SSCC main chain, outline the scheme and characteristics of the decentralized network, and build a miner reward layer SSCC through a consensus algorithm.

2. Based on the POS + POC certification scheme, a new scheme called Proof of currency capacity borrowed from the POST collection is introduced. This scheme can store arbitrary data in an independent physical space and can effectively reduce the waste of resources in the capacity space.

3. Introduce the distribution process of the reward layer of the SSCC system and the commercial fission model.

4. Discuss the integration and development of the SSCC blockchain decentralized storage protocol with the existing 5g, Internet of Things, and smart device application scenarios; as well as compatibility with other systems and Unicom and how to use the protocol.

Our goal is to shape a decentralized privacy network and secure storage protocol based on the new consensus protocol (POCC). The two aspects mutually promote and guide people to re-recognize the great value of decentralized consensus in order to improve the high value accumulated by human industrial civilization. The cost of trust and the crisis of trust open up a bright future of freedom in the constantly diminishing individual survival dilemma!

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