ProBrush Announces Safe Method of Removal for Popcorn Ceilings

ProBrush Announces Safe Method of Removal for Popcorn Ceilings

Arlington, Texas – ProBrush Painting & Remodeling, an Arlington-based painting and remodeling contractor, has announced a safe and effective method of removal for popcorn ceilings. This method is an addition to an already extensive list of home remodel services.

Although popcorn ceilings may have been popular in the 1980s, more homeowners than ever are removing these dated textures from their homes. However, as ProBrush Painting & Remodeling has warned, doing this project without proper training can put homeowners at risk of various health hazards.

This company, having recently celebrated its 10th year of service, is trained in the removal of popcorn ceilings. They can safely and effectively remove this ceiling texture by applying a wet solution, carefully scraping off the popcorn texture, sanding down imperfections, and lastly, applying a fresh coat of paint.

This professional removal is crucial for homeowners’ time, home maintenance, and safety. Team members who have undergone rigorous training help to protect clients from the many health issues associated with the removal of these ceilings. Effective safety measures covered in the training involve education and techniques for handling asbestos.

Due to this trend that was usually installed in the 1980s, many homes have asbestos lurking in their ceilings without their knowledge. ProBrush Painting & Remodeling always stress the importance of homeowners getting their ceiling tested for asbestos before attempting any DIY remodels to their popcorn feature.

While it is possible to remove this ceiling texture without a professional, it is not recommended, as it is often difficult and dangerous for the one doing the removal and those who will be living in the house after the removal process. Dust particles containing asbestos can remain in cracks and ledges throughout the home. These particles put residents at risk of prolonged exposure and subsequent health issues including respiratory issues and increased chances of developing lung cancer.

With their services,ProBrush Painting & Remodeling assure that homeowners will no longer have to worry about the effects of asbestos. In addition to popcorn ceiling removal, they offer services ranging from simple paint jobs to cabinet refinishing and garage floor painting.

For more information on ProBrush Painting & Remodeling or their safe and efficient popcorn ceiling removal, interested parties can contact them with any questions.

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