Founder of Enrich3 Hugo Hamel Utilizes Inspirational Vision to Help Solar Companies Develop Powerful Online Presence

Company’s mission is to generate high amount of qualified leads using fully personalized marketing strategies.

Montreal, Quebec – Founder of Enrich3, Hugo Hamel, is pleased to announce he is utilizing his inspirational vision to help solar companies develop a powerful presence online.

Based in Montreal, Enrich3 is a remote-based personalized marketing agency for commercial and industrial solar businesses.  The company helps clients to generate quality leads through highly personalized marketing strategies, and through leveraging the solar tax credit.

“After serving all industries in the B2B sector, we decided to focus primarily on working with solar companies, as we believe renewable energy is where future growth will occur,” says Hamel.  “Solar companies have the unique ability to leverage the ‘ITC,’ or solar tax credit, in order to bring in new customers who are able to see the long-term financial value of switching to solar.”

In addition to helping solar businesses leverage the solar tax credit, Hamel utilizes his own inspirational vision to build a powerful online presence for his clients. 

“When I was young, I had trouble fitting into the mold of the masses because I was always looking for a better way to do things,” states Hamel.  “By age 13, I was building my first websites and by 15, I had started my first business.”

It was at this early age, selling dedicated servers, that Hamel realized the traditional one-size-fits-all web formula would no longer meet the expectations and needs of tomorrow’s customers. 

“During this time, transactional sites like Amazon were starting to enter the market and they revolutionized the personalized online experience,” Hamel continues.  “I became interested in ways to create a personalized web experience and quickly developed a clear vision – to make every visitor feel that the products and services offered in the website are designed for him.  Totally custom fit according to the buyer’s profile.”

With this vision in mind, Hamel built a tailor-made educational path for himself by combining web development, graphic design, user experience, conversion optimization, and digital marketing.  Hamel saw the need for companies to treat each customer differently, and, as a result, Hamel started Enrich3 – a marketing agency that focuses on personalization. 

Today, Enrich3 helps companies to increase their conversion rates by adapting the customer experience according to their profile.  Enrich3 goes beyond platforms like Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook to help clients become a powerful online solar presence, and to qualify leads by promoting the right kW, the right content, the right offer, and the right calls-to-action – at just the right time.

With this approach, solar businesses are able to see a high amount of qualified leads that are ready to install solar.

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About the Company

Enrich3 is a digital marketing agency that specializes in personalized marketing services for solar businesses, and other companies.  The company believes every business that does online sales should adapt their customers’ experience according to their profile, the same way they would do with a sales representative in person.  As such, Enrich3 helps businesses to understand their website visitors and have meaningful conversations with them.

Founder Hugo Hamel has had a colorful and impressive professional background, including working with governments, agencies, startups, and as a Growth Hacker for large corporations.  

Hamel has a number of notable achievements, including managing online advertisement campaigns with an ad spend of up to 5-figures per month, helping to reduce the cost of acquisition by 50%, and increasing in-market coverage by 24% in just a few months.

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