Online Reading Provider Launches New Review Site Light Novel

Online Reading Provider Launches New Review Site Light Novel

Ha Noi, HN – Novel Online Full has launched a new review site, Light Novel. A companion site for the parent site, contributors to Light Novel publish reviews of titles in the ranobe genre.

The parent site, Novel Online Full, has a large online library of light novels for users to read. These works, also referred to as ranobe, are of Japanese origin. The style has spread around the world, as evident by this Vietnamese site maintaining its own collection. The style targets middle and high school students, but people of all ages enjoy it.

On the site, visitors can browse and search through thousands of titles. The editing team prides itself on regularly updating chapters, so users have access to consistent, quality content.

While anyone can read the light novels for free, there is the option to create an account. Registered users have access to special features such as bookmarking their favorite titles and commenting.

The daughter site, Light Novel, is for reviews of titles on the parent site. Contributors give thorough overviews and their overall opinions on the different works. If readers determine that the book is something in which they are interested, each review links out to the book on Novel Online Full.

The site is organized by categories and is organized in a way that users can easily find what they are seeking. It covers a variety of genres such as action, romance, and fantasy. It also has a “Top Novel” section where two featured titles include “Dragon-Marked War God” by Su Yue Xi and “Chaotic Sword God” by Xin Xing Xiao Yao.

One of the most notable features of the review site is its goal of creating conversations. The inspiration for this came from the community created on Novel Online Full where users can leave comments and rate the stories.

The review site similarly allows users to comment underneath each overview. They also actively promote their social media accounts to encourage users to share and find new titles.

As it continues to keep up with an ever-expanding library, Light Novel will continue to strive to offer users thorough, reliable reviews.

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