DANNY GREEN SABHA – A Successful Entrepreneur Every Struggling Individual Relates to

New Zealand-born entrepreneur and investor, Danny Green Sabha, has seen his stock rise gloriously in the last 4 months. He is adjudged to have made his fortune from Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. He was one of a few experts to successfully predict the rise of Bitcoin to 20,000 and its recent fall to 7,000.

In 2018, Danny Green Sabha made waves for his investment into a New Zealand bottle water company. His involvement saw the company secure large international deals with markets in China, Canada, and the UAE. The love story ended abruptly after he was forced out by alleged Foreign Investors with contacts. Not one to be down for too long, he found his feet again from a settlement deal that occurred this year against a multinational company in China to the tune of around 7.2 million dollars. From there he went back to familiar surroundings, the consumable commercial water business. He launched an elite water brand where the water retails for around $250.00USD per bottle.

Regular people dream of becoming millionaires across their lifetimes, but not for Danny Green Sabha who has managed to become a multi-millionaire between September 2019 and now. The feat is hardly surprising with confirmed investments in professional gambling companies, property in Australia, new tech startups and much more. If rumors are to be believed, he has his eye set on breaking grounds into the Australian music industry. In recent months, he has been spotted in Sydney and Melbourne meeting with app developers, assumptions may be welcome if he announced a new keenness for the app development industry. A close representative of Danny Green Sabha confirmed that an app with the entrepreneur’s blueprint and imagination should be expected. With a $20 million budget on the table, the app is prided as one to change the world. They hope to attract big names like Kylie Jenner, Gary Vee and Tai Lopez to name a few to join in on this venture. Investors are already knocking on the door wanting a piece of the action.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Danny hopes to take advantage of his residence in Dubai to meet some of the wealthiest individuals and groups in a bid to build powerful relationships and networks.

Danny Green Sabha’s long list of involvements includes a new exciting project, a beverage company that plans to launch in December. The company will produce nonalcoholic mocktails, ready-to-drink mixes, juices and more. Different from any other brand out there, the company intends to use this brand of drinks to influence positive change on the world. Experts working in the beverage company urge the public to keep an eye out for a certain beverage, the Kiwa J’uce. In a string of marketing stunts, the beverage will look to tackle climate change issues in the Pacific. Not only through donations, but by action and starting initiatives that benefit the nations of the Pacific. When quizzed, Danny mentioned hoping to catch the attention of Dwayne The Rock Johnson on this venture.

Danny Green Sabha has a current growing net worth of $34 million USD with a projection of reaching over $100 million USD by March 2020. Danny Green Sabha’s story would no doubt put him in the fore as far as inspirations go. His advice to entrepreneurs that are starting out is to never give up, no matter what people say. He advises learning and discovering things firsthand. He recounted a story where disclosing that he failed over 100 times before he found his green pastures. He finished by saying, “but it prepared me for where I am today”.

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