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Edna, 27 years of age, would say that she had been dealt with a bad hand all her life. Her dad left her family when she was still young, and her mother did what she can to raise her in a depressed and often-violent neighborhood.

Growing up, she ran with the wrong crowd and she dropped off from senior high school after getting pregnant. She had to work odd jobs here and there, anything that would get her through the day. Now a single mother of three, she remembers that she had to struggle hard just to survive and she often questioned her luck in life.

Her story is all too familiar. But unlike most women in her predicament, Edna was one of the few who was able to turn her life around. She was able to complete her GED, landed employment at the county office working with other women living in similar situations, and she has been able to supplement her income flipping items online. She now lives in relative comfort with her children in a nicer section of town. She’ll say that life for her is still replete with challenges, but she knows she now has what it takes to face the challenges head-on.

She attributes the positive changes in her life with a change in her attitude and outlook. These, in turn, she attributes to hard lessons she learned along the way, as well as self-help courses she took from is a leading online provider of personal and professional development resources. Edna took several programs from that not only bolstered her motivation to improve her life but also sustained her drive and gave her the clear directions she needed to take. The lessons she got from helped her draw out her goals more effectively and gave her the laser-focus to reach them.

Edna cannot stress enough how much a can-do mindset is critical in helping her getting what she wanted in life and how the programs from have helped her achieve this.

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