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According to a 2017 research done by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, there’s an increase in the percentage of people afflicted with anxiety disorders all over the world.

The countries that have more than 5% of their population showing the affliction are predominantly first world countries: the USA and Canada, most countries in western and northern Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and the economically stable countries of South America: from Brazil down to Argentina. It’s not difficult to think that the stresses of modern and highly urbanized living have a thing to do with it.

The same study shows that more people suffer from anxiety disorders than any other mental or substance use disorder. It’s more than depression, alcohol and drug use, personality disorders, and eating disorders. The primary culprits are pressure from school and work like pressure to pass midterms and finals, the pressure to reach the sales quota, paying the bills, and so on. If people spend most of their waking hours studying or making a living, then stress and anxiety will take a heavy toll on the quality of people’s lives.

Anxiety and a host of other challenges – like lack of focus, low self-esteem, pessimism, demotivation or even lack of ambition – make up a rogues gallery of all things that prevent people from living fuller lives. But the good news is, there are several ways to get out of a rut. Enter WorldSuccessPartner.

WorldSuccessPartner is a leading online provider of personal and professional development solutions. WorldSuccessPartner offers a range of courses that address different life challenges that people may have. There are courses for effective self-affirmation. There are courses on sustaining motivation, creative visualization, optimism, and nurturing mental focus. And of course, there’s a program about overcoming debilitating anxiety.

WorldSuccessPartner had helped many people overcome challenges and set-backs, and WorldSuccessPartner has equipped people with the state of mind needed to achieve what they want in life through their many courses. WorldSuccessPartner has helped people feel more confident in themselves. WorldSuccessPartner helped people develop a stronger vision of their future. WorldSuccessPartner has helped people persevere in spite of odds. WorldSuccessPartner has helped people achieve their dreams, live better, and feel fulfilled because of their effort.

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