Gaining Traction with Investors in Toronto after IEO hosted a closed-door introduction session for potential investors in Toronto on 26 November 2019. The request to know more about Gaimin’s business model and how the tokens are selling has increased after the second successful IEO at

There were 20 selected investors present at the session. Based on the statistics given by Shaun Martelly, Head of Investor Relations in North America, over 100 investors have signed up for the session, and the team can only carefully select 20 from the group based on their profile. “We are not accepting just any investors. We are looking at investors who can also be our strategic partner to grow the business together.” Shaun disclosed to the reporter.

The path to more investment is not always easy. Having sold a total of 6,000,000 GMRX tokens during the two IEOs mean that the project has gotten excellent support from the community. This is especially the case after the second IEO with Nazadax, who are based in China. Many investors believe that the willingness for the China government to explore and advance the blockchain technology is a good indicator that this industry will grow. People in North America are also thinking this way, and this is the reason why there is an increase in enquires to participate in Gaimin.

The session is hosted by Andrew Faridani, Chief Marketing Officer of The group of potential investors asked many questions during the session, and all of them are looking at the longe-term goals of the company. They want to know how Gaimin’s business model is sustainable in the long run and how gaming assets can become mainstream assets, just like art pieces. The questions are very in-depth, and it helps Gaimin position itself to another level. Andrew is also pleased to meet new people and also happy from the IEO results from Nazadax, and even the turn out of potential investors in Toronto. “China’s support for blockchain gave us a big push. The influence of China on this industry is too great to miss; we may have to host more sessions such as today to educate people on Gaming and Blockchain.”

This sentiment is also affirmed by Sander de Bruijn, Head of Investor Relations, Europe and Asia. “There are more investors asking for Gaimin in Amsterdam where I am from. In fact, the enquires are global, emails and private messages on Telegram come daily, and we have people from all over the world who are interested. They simply want to know more and be involved in the whole process. Based on the teams weekly updates, Calvin, who went to Seoul last week for the 7th World Blockchain Summit MARVELS felt like Gaimin is a star project in South Korea.”


There are plans for Gaimin to host more information sessions for potential investors. There will be separate sessions to update current investors too in the pipeline. Gaimin will continue to work on the various markets. More plans for South Korea and China will be revealed soon. For information, visit’s unique platform connects a gamer’s PC to the “ network.” It then monetizes the GPUs processing power, rewarding the gamer in a blockchain-based crypto token, which the gamer can then use directly for his gaming purchases. The whole process happens when the gamer is not using his PC; therefore, it never affects his gaming performance. He is simply passively rewarded for his GPU processing power contribution.

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