The Big City of Love – The Fantasy Book That Everyone Is Talking About

The real meaning of love is brought into word by author Ron Spates in his latest book The Big City Of Love. The Big City of Love could anywhere you are, the Big City of Love could be in Atlanta GA

One of the most talked about new fantasy books has been launched on Amazon. The Big City Of Love which was written by Ron Spates and available as a paperback delves into the real meaning of love. It is a book like no other, a book that those who have read it have said it took them to a place they have never been before, a place where they wished fiction was reality, a place where the real meaning of love flows through the air.

Every now and again a book is written and released that changes people’s lives. This is that book. It is a book that has gained so much exposure around the world and received so many positive reviews that many believe it should be turned into a film for the big screen. One thing is for sure, those that start to read it will not put it down until the very last page.

The new novel which resolves around three different characters is fiction and non-fiction rolled into one. It tells the story of a far distant city called The Big City Of Love which is the size of Washington D.C but could be in Atlanta. The city is only accessible through dream, fantasizing, and through being summoned by the Court of Love. It is a city where broken hearts are mended and those that have caused pain to others and broken another person heart is dealt with in the court of Judgment of love.


When asked why he had written the book, the author replied: “I wanted to let the reader bring the world of fiction, fantasy and non-fiction into one, and see and feel the real meaning of love.”

Millions of people have had their hearts broken every day, many of those still struggle to comes to terms with their pain. The Big City Of Love will take those people who have not been healed to experience how to overcome that pain.

So close your eyes, imagine the Big City Of Love being in Atlanta, and then read this book where the words fly off the pages and takes the reader into a magical world that we would all like to live in.

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Book Summary:

The real meaning of love is still a mystery for many people and this book “The Big City of Love” is going to reveal it in an interesting manner. The story is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction leading towards the distant city of love. The story revolves around different characters. Some mysterious ways are elaborated that might lead you to The Big City of Love. The court of the City of love has unique rules and broken hearts are healed there. You will meet the Honorable Judge Adam and his twenty-year-old beautiful wife who cheats on him often. A school teacher Tracy searching for true love and her failure in love matters and misery as well. The story of Tammy who is a widow and mother of three searching for the real meaning of love and a lovable human being. The story of a bisexual lover, Star with her husband unaware of her affair with another girl named princess. The sugar daddy is happy to pursue women with beautiful figures and ready to invest in big gifts. While on another side of the city, T.J is a sarcastic lover and believes to have a new girl every week. The ending lines would reveal the real meaning of love and you will find The Big City of Love ultimately…

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