VEDAPULSE, A Breakthrough Discovery in Holistic Medicine

ECG Recording Technology that Helps in Increasing the Efficiency of Alternative Medicine

FINLAND – 29th November, 2019 – Kari Nokela, a physicist from Finland is pleased to present VEDAPULSE, a breakthrough ECG Recording Technology that is believed to increase the efficiency in alternative medicine. Alternative Medicine and Alternative Therapies have long existed even before the advent of modern medicine. They were practiced in ancient cultures especially in the Chinese and the Indians have their own versions of traditional cures and Ayurveda respectively. Vedapulse was created by integrating both these concepts. Professor Oleg Sorokin from Russia along with a team of space physicists has consulted masters of traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda to compare and arrive at the similarities between both the practices. As a result, the common misconception that both the practices are different was demystified.

The team has worked out that they both work on a common theory i.e. functioning of a heart is the very key to understanding the overall health of a person. Vedapulse, the ECG Recording Technology measures the heart’s ECG signals from the wrist for 5 minutes. The device analyses and prints the information in the form of ECG frequency spectrum thereby dividing into Vata, Pitta, and Kapha – the three most significant doshas in Ayurveda, Yoga and Holistic Medicine. Various computational algorithms are used to record the heart rate interval variations in both time and frequency domains. Alternative medicines or treatments are prescribed based on heart rate frequencies – low or high. Herbal medicines, dietary supplements, aromatherapy, mind and body practices, etc. are a part of the treatments. 

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About Kari Nokela & Oleg Sorokin

Kari Nokeal is a physicist based in Finland with a strong integrative health and conventional medical studies background. Oleg Sorokin is the brain behind Vedapulse, an ECG recording system that integrates complementary and alternative medicine. 


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