Piano Movers San Jose CA Hold Nearly 2500 Pianos In Safe Storage

Encore Piano and Organ Moving not only is renowned for moving pianos and organs, but it also has extensive storage space for delicate musical instruments, and can skillfully restore and repair damaged pianos.

Encore Piano and Organ Moving and Andrew Spillan are pleased to announce that the team of piano movers San Jose CA professionals has reached a milestone of 178,800 pianos moved and currently have 2460 pianos in a secure store. The 50,000sf warehouse is designed to store any piano or organ, including spinet uprights, studio uprights, full uprights, baby and parlor grands, semi-concert and concert grands, and digital and digital grands. The warehouse will also accommodate organs.

The warehouse has plenty of space. Encore just needs to know what type of piano, where to pick up the piano, how many steps there are between the driveway and the piano, and any special circumstances the movers should know about. They understand that the piano is a work of art. It is an instrument, but it’s also an heirloom that is the centerpiece of the décor of the home and a vital part of the family’s culture.

More information is available at https://www.movemypiano.com/piano-movers-san-jose-ca/

A spokesperson for Encore explained, “Our expertise is not limited to storing and moving pianos, either. We also employ trained professionals with a passion for pianos that make sure that your piano remains a beautiful work of art because we believe every piano has an individual personality and unique appeal. We want to make your piano shine and stand out as the beauty it is.

“We offer the following fixes and facelifts for your piano,” he continued. “Mechanical (action) repairs like tuning, sticking keys, refinishing, interior restorations, action builds, and more; dent, ding, scratch, and chip repairs; restoration of luster and shine, re-coloring, and traditional refinishing; full piano detailing, including cabinet, brass, and steel; and restoration after disasters like flooding and fires.”

The piano moving service in San Jose includes local moves, long-distance moves, and international crating and shipping concerns. The professionals take every necessary precaution and a few extras as well. No matter how close or far the move, Encore never sends less than two trained movers with a specially designed moving equipment set built specifically for the customer’s type of piano.

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