Corrective Surgery Should Not Be A Privilege Says Greenville’s Dr. Paul Drago

Greenville doctor and renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Drago believes that the purpose of corrective surgery is to restore health and vitality to a patient and as a result should be made easily accessible to anyone who may need it.

Greenville, SC – Nov 29, 2019 – Dr. Paul Drago is a well-known medical professional from Greenville, South Carolina who is perhaps most acknowledged for his experience in corrective plastic surgery. During a question and answer session at a public event, Dr. Drago remarked that plastic surgery’s corrective capabilities make it a highly important tool for healing wounds, deformities and returning lost sensation.

“Corrective surgery should never be a privilege. It’s a medical procedure with the fundamental purpose of restoring a person back to their original health. It’s got nothing to do with aesthetics. That’s what we have cosmetic surgery for. Plastic surgery is more focused on improving functionality and reducing pain. How can we deprive any human being of such a fundamental aspect of healthy living?” said Dr. Drago.

Dr. Drago’s comments come in light of burgeoning debates within and outside of the medical community with reference to the rising costs of medical procedures. Health care costs in the United States have increased sharply in tangent to the stagnating income levels of citizens. The problem remains exacerbated since most health insurance programs do not cover corrective surgery in their plans.

“It’s a problem that my clinic is willing to address. We want to open up our services and make them affordable to deserving clients,” says Dr. Drago.

Dr. Drago’s clinic has been providing corrective surgery solutions to residents of Greenville for over 25 years now. Clients have sought help for skin, facial and musculoskeletal deformities and wounds. His clinic has also received cases where patients have lost their sense of touch or experienced numbness in neck, hands and facial muscles.

Dr. Drago is an avid user of modern technology and often combines different treatment modalities to achieve effective results. Apart from his comprehensive knowledge in corrective surgery, Dr. Drago can also provide patients with cosmetic surgery solutions and prepare customized treatment plans for ear, nose or throat problems.

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