Popular Blogger Teaches – Trust God with Problems; God Will Deliver You from Them

Fort Worth, TX – Popular Blogger and now about-to-be published first time author Tom Oswald watched his weight slowly but surely go up when he left high school and moved into adult life. By the time he was married with two young children and a third one on the way, he tipped the scales at a health-threatening 350 pounds. His Two Feet: My Spiritual Victory Over Eating Addiction! set for release the first week of December 2019, tells the story of his dramatic weight loss.

In 2004 he decided it was time for the excess weight to go. Like many people who want to lose weight, he tried a variety of diets. He’d lose a few pounds only to gain them plus more. Finally, he realized he could not do this on his own.

“I was taking communion one day and that was my way of handling the problem over to God to manage. “I can’t do this on my own. I need You to help me,” he prayed as he communed. That day he started another diet, this time sticking to it and the weight seemed to just fall off him. Over the next fourteen months, he dropped 160 pounds. Though he’s since gained a few pounds now and then, the unhealthy excessive weight is gone. His secret? “Quit eating crap and start exercising.”

He also gives a lot of credit to placing his trust in God to help him manage his weight. “I realize now that I was raised to be an emotional eater. We ate to celebrate. We ate to commiserate. We ate all the time.”

He looks back and realizes now how often food was connected to emotions in his youth. It was manageable when he was playing football and running off the excessive calories. That plan didn’t work when he slowed to an adult life of work and family responsibilities. One of his mentors told him, “When you get tired of being fat you won’t be fat anymore.” That advice, coupled with is prayers for help and his determination to finally address the problem, resulted in not only weight loss, but also a book about it.

At the encouragement of his family and friends, he told the story of how he overcame his addiction to food. He completed the book back in 2004, but when he investigated the cost of publishing the book, he set the manuscript aside to tend to his business and family. He owns and operates his own company, North American Sealing Solutions. He explains that earlier this year, “I got a sense of call to publish it. I believe the Lord wants to use this book to draw someone close to Him, and He told me to write it, so I did.”

His cousin, Andrea Flores is an editor and colleague of Roger Leslie of Houston. Leslie publishes books through his Paradise Publishing House. Tom said, “This just seemed like the right place for me.”

Though this is Oswald’s first book, it is not his first experience with writing. His blog,

“The Opinion of the Minion (www.theopinionoftheminion.blogspot.com) has attracted over 235,000 followers who come to read what he shares about faith and God’s presence in our lives.

Two Feet: My Spiritual Victory Over Eating Addiction! will be available on Amazon.com, KDP, and through the publisher, Paradise Publishing House (http://rogerleslie.com/publishing/).

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