Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston

Maida Law Firm - Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston
Your 18 Wheeler Trucking Accident Attorneys of Houston, TX

Houston, TX – Maida Law Firm, Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston, a top-rated personal injury legal practice in Houston, TX prides itself on being one of the most trusted firms in the area. Their experienced attorneys, Mr. Sam Maida, Jr., Ms. Maggie Solomon, and Mr. Gabriel de Vega have built a great reputation by offering unrivaled representation in all areas and types of personal injury cases including 18 wheelers & truck accidents. Whether their clients have been injured by an 18 wheeler or they have a family member that has lost their life as a result of a wrongful death caused by an 18 wheeler, their skilled attorneys have the experience and skills to provide the best assistance in 18 wheeler accidents, as well as in a comprehensive variety of personal injury cases.

“If you are severely injured in a truck accident in Houston or across the state of Texas, seek the help of our personal injury team of lawyers right here in Houston, Texas before delivering any written or recorded statement to an insurance adjuster, an investigator or any of the other representative’s working for the 18 wheeler company. At Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston, we know how to handle 18 wheeler accidents so you don’t have to worry about your rights being protected. Managing a case on your own is a tough and risky task, as these vehicles are owned by big companies with investigators, insurance adjusters and lawyers working for them usually within minutes of an accident occurring and who may doom your case on the first day if you don’t have a personal injury attorney on your side,” said the firm’s spokesperson regarding their great experience handling 18 wheeler & truck accident cases.

In addition to their unrivalled representation in 18 wheeler & truck accidents, Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston also specializes in an extensive variety of services including personal injury, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death suits, construction accidents, general practice, insurance, drunk driving accidents, medical malpractice, premise liability, workplace accidents and more. All of them are handled by experienced attorneys who combine their years of experience to provide unrivaled representation in all types of personal injury cases. With drunk driving accidents or any of the other type of accidents, seek help from the Houston drunk driving accident attorney or the Houston truck accident attorney at Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston.

At Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston, cases are handled on a contingency basis, which means that clients are not charged with any fee or need to pay any expenses unless their firm wins the case. Their expert attorneys have always demonstrated genuine care to help their clients, therefore, they provide a free consultation to clarify their clients’ inquiries while they take care of their clients’ cases as if it were their only case. Furthermore, their prestigious firm aims to provide the best representation to the Hispanic community, therefore, their firm offers services in Spanish to guarantee better attorney-client communication.

“My situation with Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston was handled in a professional, efficient, and shrewd manner. I highly recommend their services, as they manage everything in a friendly and well-organized way,” said a past client regarding his experience trusting his case to Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston.

Maida Law Firm – Auto Accident Attorneys of Houston is located at 8313 Southwest Freeway #102, Houston, TX 77074. The experienced 18 Wheeler Trucking Accident Attorneys are glad to assist new clients from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Contact their team via phone at 713-785-9484 or send online inquiries via email to For additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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