Insteel Blacksmiths and Fabricators Offer Economical Powder Coating in Cornwall

Insteel Blacksmiths and Fabricators Offer Economical Powder Coating in Cornwall

Redruth, UK – Insteel Blacksmiths and Fabricators Ltd are now offering powder coating in Cornwall, South West, and the surrounding areas at competitive prices. This service and the company are now available for hire through their website at With their powder coating services, they are hoping to make this durable, economical solution available to more of the general public and trades alike.

Insteel Blacksmiths and Fabricators Ltd have been in operation since 1991. Since then, powder coating has proven to be a more economical approach to industrial finishing. This is because the substance can be applied faster than wet paint, meaning it takes less labour. This helps keep costs low for clients. The experts at Insteel have continued to adapt to changing methods and have upgraded their technology accordingly.

This powder coating in Cornwall that they offer is both economical and durable. The company notes that this finish can be applied to virtually any type of metal. This gives Insteel an edge among competitors in the area. Powder coating is resistant to scratching, chipping, fading, and wear. Its main function is to prevent metal corrosion, making it perfect for heavy industrial use.With these economical options, Insteel are responding to the needs of a rapidly growing industry in the United Kingdom.

The company does not offer on-site powder coating at this time. Instead, their team travels to clients in the South West and Cornwall. Unlike the wet painting they also offer, powder coating does not require heavy ventilation after use. It is not a health hazard to the operators, and it can be cleaned with an industrial vacuum cleaner. Insteel note that these are among the many benefits of this finish that allows it to be a convenient solution for any workplace.

Insteel Blacksmiths and Fabricators Ltd offer powder coating option as a cheaper yet higher quality alternative to wet painting methods. In a rapidly growing grit blasting and coating industry, this company has worked to stay on top of the latest technology. Powder coating in the South West and Cornwall is just another step forward in their 28-year long career. To learn more about their various services, they invite interested parties to visit their website today.

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