Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible – female military veteran’s story teaches resilience, leadership and fortitude

Richmond, VA USA – 9 December, 2019 – Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible… according to military veteran and leadership influencer Dr. Antoinette Allen, these represent the fundamental support systems that can help people to survive and develop true resilience in the face of any adversity.

In her soon-to-be released book of the same name, Allen recounts her own story, weathering the many storms of life, as a woman of color and member of the United States Military, and as a woman of faith, growing from strength to strength over time.

Antoinette grew up in rural Charles City, Virginia and says she never considered herself the military type but was looking for something new when she signed on in 1993. This led to her serving 21 years in the military, starting in the United States Air Force, later serving as a senior leader in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 2010-2017 and as a military officer in the Virginia Air National Guard until 2014.

“My career in the military was wonderful,” she says, “It helped shape me into the woman I am today. While I experienced discrimination and plenty of adversity, I also gained an internal fortitude that still carries me now.”

In 2017, Antoinette received her Ph.D. in Education from Old Dominion University. She also holds a master’s degree in Behavioral Science, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Development and an Associate’s Degree in Logistics from the Community College of the Air Force. She is certified by the federal agencies to teach in the areas of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence and was certified as a mediator by the Department of Defense.

During her career she received several accolades including the Department of Justice Attorney General’s Award for Equal Employment Opportunity in 2013, the Squadron Officer’s School #1 Briefer Award, the Army Meritorious Service Medal, the Air Force Commendation Medal and the Air Force Achievement Medal.

Today, Antoinette is the owner of Two Cups of TLC, LLC – an educational consulting company that serves to provide clients with memorable learning opportunities like coaching, training, keynote speaking engagements, and custom course design.

Her story, Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible – Stories of Resilience, encompasses the many lessons learned by Antoinette over the course of her life and career.

“Bras represent our support networks of family, friends and community, Bootstraps is our internal support systems and the Bible is our spiritual network – God, nature and sources of inspiration. Using this metaphor, I want to use my book to let others know they are uniquely designed to persevere and overcome whatever challenges they face,” explains Antoinette, “They should leverage all resources available – support systems, internal grit and spiritual networks. Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible is for women who have suffered in silence, just like I did. It’s time for them to find their voices, to speak their truth. I want to help others to heal from the moments when life has knocked them down.”

Antoinette hopes that Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible will help women understand how their unique stories can be their own greatest source of resilience.

“No one can take your story from you or make it theirs. It is your testimony of courage and your badge of honor. My military experiences shaped who I am, but readers can take my stories and apply them to their own lives and see how these life lessons can be adapted to their own lives.”

Ultimately, Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible deals with topics of empathy, diversity, forgiveness, inclusion, leadership, and resilience. In adherence with her personal life motto, “keep moving forward,” Antoinette seeks to connect her readers with the necessity of not only sharing their own stories but doing so unapologetically.

Bras, Bootstraps, and the Bible – Stories of Resilience will be released on December 13, 2019 and will be available to purchase at Amazon for $12.99

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