Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd Releases New Environmental Test Chambers

Company owners can now enjoy the various environmental chambers presented by Symor instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd, which includes Temperature Test Chamber, Temperature Humidity Chamber,IP Test Chamber,Ozone Aging Test Chamber, and Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chambers, etc.

Every time a new device or product is manufactured or developed, it is incredibly critical to examine its durability and reliability. It’s as well crucial for companies to explore that where and when their products can be used. Companies cannot claim a tool to be reliable unless they have tested it in various surroundings. And they cannot travel to a particular place to test how it will react or behave. In such cases, using Climatest products are the best way out. The machine has been made by a team of highly trained professionals who are experienced in manufacturing different environmental stimulation equipment. 

Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd Releases New Environmental Test Chambers

The drying oven gives attention to design and function with its nearly 20 years of effort and innovation. Drying oven is used to dry electronic components, materials testing, wax melting, and sterilization under different temperature,like 200°C,250°C,300°C,350°C and 400°C,it is widely applied in laboratories and research institutes.The device is convenient, reliable, and able to work in different surroundings. It an easy to install and manufacturers can customized product as per your needs. This product works by expelling moisture through hot air convection method so that the items becomes dehydrated.

Hot air drying oven is reasonably priced and features an exterior chamber made from reinforced steel with painting. Additionally, its working chamber is made by stainless steel sus#304 to prevent rust.

The hot air circulation of the drying oven has better gas flow and it can accelerate material the drying speed under temperature like,200°C,250°C,300°C,350°C and 400°C.It also comes with a double layers, reinforced observation glass that enables you to view the specimen. Besides, to realize uniform circulation of hot air, the product comes with Germany imported low-sound air blower and an optimized air duct.   

Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd Releases New Environmental Test Chambers

The Air forced drying oven has a LED controller with an over-temperature alarm that controls and checks the temperature inside.Climatest manufactures desktop and floor-standing models with RT+10°C-200°C,250°C,300°C,350°C,400°C temperature range.To make sure that the product works durably, its exterior chamber is embedded with steel plates and its working chamber adopts anti-rust materials such as stainless steel sus#304. For precise observation, the machine has a double and huge transparent window. To enhance the even distribution of hot air in the chamber, the device features a Germany imported air blower plus an air duct which has been optimized.

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About Symor Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2001, Symor instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd is an environmental testing equipment manufacturer in China that specializes in handling temperature and humidity technique. With a 20 year experience, the company has manufactured climate chambers and they are dedicate to integrate state-of- the-art climate test chambers. According to the company website, they have managed to build production factories in Heifei and Changzhou. For instance: Changzhou factory covers approximately 12,100 square meters with 1500 units annual manufacturing capability.  

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