Creative Biolabs Offers Comprehensive Antibody Products for Biosimilar Development

New York, USA – Since more and more patents on biologic drugs expire in the next few years, the global biosimilar market begins to grow rapidly, and antibody, contributing a lot to biologic drugs, will also play an important part in biosimilars. Hoping to give rise to the boost of biosimilars, Creative Biolabs provides the most comprehensive antibody products to global clients.

On 18 November 2019, Abrilada was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which is the 5th biosimilar to Humira, a drug for the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. It is also the 25th biosimilar overall to gain approval in the United States, which shows that this kind of low-cost alternatives will keep emerging to meet the public’s needs.

Taking a large proportion of biologics, antibody is also crucial to the development of biosimilars. Data show that a total of six biosimilar antibody products have been approved in the first seven months of the current year, hitting a record high since 2015. To promote the antibody drug development and make a contribution to provide more choices for pharmaceutical companies, Creative Biolabs is devoted to offer an assortment of engineered antibodies, such as therapeutic antibody, single-domain antibody, bispecific antibody, immunotoxin, antibody-drug conjugate, etc., to global scientists.

As a pioneer as well as a global leader in the field of contract research and development of antibodies, Creative Biolabs spares no effort to deliver a full range of therapeutic antibodies available for research of a wide variety of diseases including CDC enhanced antibody, ADCC enhanced antibody, rat antibody, chimeric antibody, humanized antibody, etc. These therapeutic antibody products have the advantage of high affinity, high specificity, low off-target activity, low or non-immunogenic and endotoxin free.

Being served as effective therapeutic agents in cancer immunotherapy, bispecific antibodies are also one of the focuses of Creative Biolabs, who offers dozens of advanced strategies (quadroma technology, recombinant DNA technology, phage display technology etc.) to synthesize the most comprehensive bispecific antibodies with high purity and affinity.

Creative Biolabs is also an outstanding manufacturer of antibody-toxin conjugates (immunotoxins) and is professional in using conventional chemical coupling techniques or recombinant DNA techniques to produce all kinds of immunotoxins.

Recently, Creative Biolabs’ innovative products and services are used to ground breaking development of protein therapeutics, which permits an individualized treatment approach by supporting a specifically targeted therapeutic process by compensating the deficiency of an essential protein.

“Biosimilars like Abrilada represent an opportunity to help improve access to important treatment options for patients living with chronic,” a senior scientist of Creative Biolabs said. “We hope to do our bit to speed up the research and development of biosimilars.”

With a team of experienced scientists and skilled staff, Creative Biolabs experts in not only engineered antibody, but also in therapeutic protein, soluble T cell receptor, glyco-engineering antibody, antibody-like scaffold protein and MHC tetramer. In the next ten years, with the expiry of more drug patents, biosimilars will usher in explosive growth with price advantages, while Creative Biolabs will be one of the forces that cannot be ignored.

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