Reozone Adapts Innovative Eco-Friendly Reinforcement Products and Services

Reozone Adapts Innovative Eco-Friendly Reinforcement Products and Services
Reozone provides eco-friendly concrete reinforcement products that range from reinforcement bars (reo bar) to reinforcement mesh (reo mesh) which improves the tensile strength of concrete to meet modern demands.

St Marys, NSW – Dec 9, 2019 – One local provider of concrete reinforcement products and services in NSW wants to remind contractors in the territory that “we’ve got your back.”  The back being referred to is the concrete being poured all through the Sydney Metro and surrounding areas – needed to build everything from residential homes to shopping malls.

Reozone claims that it’s providing is the “spine” than makes the back strong. Reozone’s website features a diverse offering of concrete reinforcement products that range from reinforcement bars (reo bar) to reinforcement mesh (reo mesh) that improves the tensile strength (the force required to rip something apart) of concrete to meet the demanding world we live in. Reozone also offers the services needed to follow through on concrete projects from design, scheduling and supply. One local and global concern that Reozone addresses is the need to innovate in the areas of sustainable architecture and construction, especially when it comes to pouring concrete.

Sydney’s growth outpaces most big cities in Australia. Many experts project that the population of the “harbor city” will nearly double by 2050. Builders of homes and commercial sites are looking for ways to keep up with the housing and business demands while meeting new and demanding regulations and goals to maintain sustainability and reduce greenhouse emissions. Reozone’s approach is to support modern and innovative building methods to make the installation of concrete foundation, floor and other industrial applications as efficient and clean as possible. The two primary methods of improving efficient concrete pours implement the use of Waffle Pod and Cupolex slab packages. Two sustainable methods that utilize concrete forming systems.

A rough guess is that most Australians don’t think about the expense, both environmental and economical of traditional concrete projects. In the past, most projects required the use of heavy equipment, excavating, leveling, pumping of flooded foundations and then haul-off of loose dirt This maximized construction  and disposal costs. New and innovative technology such as Waffle Pods (think stronger slabs for less concrete) implemented some forward looking thinking in architecture, as the world faced more and more challenges due to the effects of Climate Change. 

The Waffle process produces a significantly more insulated slab as well as reduces the amount of concrete needed to build a foundation. If this type of concrete slab production is adopted worldwide, it could have some measurable impact on overall human CO2 production as the gas is released in thermal decomposition.  Ipsos, a social issues polling firm, shows 46 per cent of Australians now agree that climate change is “entirely or mainly” caused by human activity. Perhaps the Australian people, backed by the folks at Reozone who claim they can get the job done, can fully adopt this and other innovative and adaptive building methods, like their St Marys reo mesh, to make the world a better and safer place to live for generations to come.

About Us

Reozone is one of the top steel reinforcement suppliers in Saint Marys and Western Sydney. For more than thirty years the company has been supplying reinforcement bar rebar, expansion joints, concrete reinforcing mesh, formwork, and other accessories.  The company states that it strives to provide incomparable, quality guaranteed service throughout New South Wales and their surrounding service areas.

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