Serenity Gardens Has Become The Heart of Maryland By Instituting A New Approach To Assisted Living Care

Serenity Gardens Has Become The Heart of Maryland By Instituting A New Approach To Assisted Living Care
When choosing an assisted living home for loved ones, friends and family members typically have criteria in mind they are looking for. Experience and the personability of caregivers are key factors considered. Serenity Gardens, located in Potomac MD, is one of the few assisted living homes to fulfill these criteria in such a dynamic way.

POTOMAC, Maryland – The homes are owned and operated by Medical and Scientific professionals. Dr. Claudia Warren-Taylor and many of her employees have worked in the medical field for more than fifteen years. Throughout her time as a nurse, the doctor saw a change that needed to be implemented to better care for patients. In many assisted living homes, the personability and round-the-clock accessibility to clients are absent.  This inspired Dr. Warren-Taylor to create a more personalized approach to caregiving. She interviews everyone who comes in before they are hired. Crucial virtues needed to work at Serenity Gardens include respect and compassion for others. At Serenity Gardens, the extent of worker-patient engagement is unmatched by other care facilities.

The Potomac group home that patients reside in is located on two acres of beautiful land. Many of Serenity Garden’s homes offer amenities such as a tennis court, long walking trails, and a swimming pool. Patients are given creative freedom to express themselves while living here. Individuals may choose to decorate their rooms, make movie selections and form friendships over dinner with their peers. Such activities are encouraged.

The goal of Serenity Gardens is to establish a sense of home and community for Potomac assisted living residents. Residents can be a part of sub-communities based on who they are and what they believe in. LGBT and Asian groups have both been formed at Serenity Gardens. Places of worship and a library are located near enough to the home that individuals may choose to partake in these outlets as well.

Though Serenity Gardens offers entertainment and fun, the primary goal is to care for patients to the best of their abilities. As patients’ health deteriorates and memories fade, health care professionals strive to make this transition as painless as possible. Medications and therapy are administered to patients accordingly and these men and women are always provided with nutritious meals and snacks. Most importantly perhaps, health care professionals help residents maintain a consistent routine so they may live more independently and enjoy normal lives.

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Serenity Gardens, also found at, is an assisted living home licensed in the state of Maryland. The company is run by health care professionals and was fostered based on personal experiences of the management who work there.  Services offered to Serenity Garden residents include specialized care, oxygen dependence, specialized diets, memory care, wound care and many more.

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