Orwak North America Released The Orwak Flex 4360

Orwak North America Released The Orwak Flex 4360
Orwak North America has released its new product called the Orwak Flex 4360 in Morrisville, NC. This is a new compacting machine from their company.

Morrisville, NC – Orwak North America has released its new compacting machine. This compactor that they released is called the Orwak Flex 4360.

Orwak North America has shared on their website that they have released the new Orwak Flex 4360 compactor. This compactor is used to compact materials down from a larger amount and compact them down into a smaller amount. It takes a large amount of waste and compacts it down into a smaller amount by taking away the air in between each item. This makes the resulting waste much denser, taking up less overall space that the waste did prior to using the machine.

This Morrisville compactor is fit for companies that want to keep using their traditional waste bins and recycle bins, while still gaining the benefit of a compacting machine. The Orwak Flex 4360 is designed to help companies take up less space with their waste and recyclable materials, which allows them to be more organized. Orwak North America advertises that they can use this machine to make more of a profit, spend less money on trash pickups, and save room in their building or trash area.

This machine, in particular, will fit standard bins up to 96 gallons and below. Orwak North America has a design that is a single-chamber, meaning it can hold up to one bin at a time. They also have a multiple-chamber design that can fit more than one bin at a time. Orwak explains that the machine is a very compact design, taking up little floor space, and is easily expandable for additional chambers to be added on that can hold additional bins.

As companies are always growing, this machine would allow them to start off small and grow with extra chambers over time as their company grows and they get more waste to compact. The bins go into the bottom area of the machine, while the top press head slides back and forth on the top over the bins. Orwak expresses that their Morrisville compactor machine is capable of reducing trash down from a 3 to 1 ratio. This means that any trash that can be narrowed down to a third of its original size. With this machine being ideal for companies that have areas with limited space, they share that it can be best used within industries such as hotels and restaurants. They have currently sold over 85,000 units worldwide, in over 40 countries.

About Us

Orwak North America is a company located in Morrisville, NC. As a company, they make compacting and baling machines. They sell these machines to other companies, who use them for their own benefit in growing their business and being more efficient in the waste management area. By making these machines for other companies to use, Orwak is helping businesses stay more organized, save money, make a profit, and save space within their buildings.

The compactors and balers that they make come in many forms and are the lead product of their company. Compactors are used to compact trash, while balers are used to make bales of materials generally used for recycling. Their company is helping other companies go green through the increased recycling used by their machines. They have been the lead compactor and baler company in the industry since 1971.

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